Wendy Schnepf Director of Operations

Wendy Schnepf

Director of Operations - (248) 793-2010

Wendy Schnepf, Goodman Acker’s director of operations, has wide-ranging day-to-day responsibilities. Her focus is on keeping the firm running at peak efficiency so it can best serve its clients.

Schnepf is in charge of the overall office, including management of the finance and accounting department and human-resources and technology-services management departments. She also serves as the firm’s chief personnel manager and manages the firm’s paralegals.

“The parts of my job that I enjoy most are troubleshooting and problem solving; data analysis, summary and forecasting; and the planning, assessment and development of operational processes within the different departments that improve efficiency throughout the office,” she says.

Schnepf admits that might make her sound like an introvert who focuses on processes. However, she says that the real joy she derives from her work comes from the daily interactions she has with the Goodman Acker family.

“It is important to us as a firm – myself in particular – that we possess a healthy internal culture, and that everyone who works here possesses the core values that we pride ourselves on — not just helping people in need but enjoying doing so. Being at the forefront of helping to foster and maintain that internal culture is very important to me and probably what I enjoy most.”

Schnepf grew up in a small town in northern Michigan. After high school she attended Ferris State University on a music and art scholarship for two years before moving to the Detroit area, which has remained her home since. She received a B.S. in English from Oakland University and is a member of MENSA.

After college, Schnepf worked as an office manager and assistant director of a large security and investigative company before settling into her career in the legal world. Since 1997, she has worked solely in the plaintiff-side personal-injury field and has developed a deeply ingrained commitment to clients.

“I will always do my best to ensure that our firm continues to operate with that personal ‘small firm’ mentality, where every client counts and is appreciated as the only reason we’re in business at all,” she says.

“In a nutshell, as long as I’m here, we won’t ever have that fully automated phone system that incorporates 15 minutes of dialing options that ultimately dump you into a full voice mail or disconnects you.”

Schnepf enjoys taking part in a variety of volunteer efforts in her neighborhood school and working for various charities and fundraisers. She is very family-oriented and enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters. Together, they engage in many outdoor activities, including running, hiking, swimming, skiing and horseback riding. They also enjoy traveling.


  • Ferris State University - Music and art scholarship
  • Oakland University, B.S. in English
Wendy Schnepf