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Delivering a baby involves attentive care — doctors must take precautions to ensure an infant and mother are healthy throughout the birthing process. Although newborn babies are extremely delicate, birth injuries are not normal and are most often the result of medical negligence. A doctor or nurse’s careless mistake can cause a lifetime of distress to the victim’s family. The Grand Rapids birth injury lawyers of Goodman Acker P.C. can help your family recover the compensation you deserve following an instance of medical negligence during an infant delivery.

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Types of Birth Injury Legal Cases

Assisting with a birth requires expert medical knowledge and delicate care. Newborn babies and their mothers are vulnerable to injury during delivery, so there is no room for negligence. Any error can cause severe injury and lifelong complications. If you suspect someone’s negligent actions led to your child’s injury, contact our birth injury attorney in Grand Rapids. Call us at 248-286-8100 to speak with our skilled, experienced legal team today.

An injury suffered during birth has the potential to cause issues for the rest of the injured infant’s life, to cause health complications for the mother, or to be fatal to both a mother and her child. That is why it is so important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Our Grand Rapids birth injury attorney can help you understand your legal options. You should not speak to insurance company or hospital representatives before seeking our guidance.

Many of the most common types of birth injuries are serious conditions that impact major organ systems such as the brain, nerves, and spinal cord. Full compensation for these injuries in a birth injury lawsuit can be substantial, so hospitals, medical providers and insurance companies will use a range of tactics to avoid paying a large settlement or to avoid a large award in a trial.

Some common birth injuries that may lead to legal cases include:

Some Birth Injuries May Be Caused by Negligence

Delivering a baby is a complex process that requires the care and expertise of an experienced medical professional. Any mistake during the birthing process can cause harm to the baby and mother. There is an expectation that medical professionals will uphold a duty to provide their services with great care. There are numerous actions to take to prevent birth injuries. It is up to the attending doctors and nurses to not only deliver the baby carefully, but also to prepare for the procedure properly, identify and respond to any risks or complications, and utilize delivery aids (such as tools and medication) when necessary.

Some causes of birth injuries may be directly related to negligent actions:

  • Oxygen deprivation
  • Incorrect use of tools, such as forceps
  • Incorrect use of drugs
  • Misdiagnoses
  • Infection
  • Forceful birth or infant trauma

How Our Birth Injury Attorneys in Grand Rapids Prove Negligence

We understand how a birth injury can drastically change the direction of your life and your child’s future. Our Grand Rapids birth injury lawyers can prove how those who are responsible for your child’s injury were negligent. Proof of negligence is central to winning a settlement or winning in court, if your case goes to trial. Our attorneys would need to show that the following four elements took place:

  • Duty of care: Healthcare professionals and medical facilities are responsible for providing medical care during the birth of your child to the best of their abilities at all times.
  • Breach of duty: If doctors, nurses, or a hospital fail to provide you with the level of care required by the Michigan Board of Medicine, their actions, or inactions, may be considered a breach of duty.
  • Breach of duty caused injury: It must be shown that a birth injury occurred because you were not provided the required level of care during your child’s birth.
  • Link the breach of duty with injury: If our birth injury attorneys in Grand Rapids can prove that causal relationship occurred, we can pursue a legal case. We must show that a breach of duty by providers or the hospital, or both, caused your child to suffer a severe birth injury.

Those who are responsible for the grave injury to your child should be held responsible. Our team at Goodman Acker will dedicate ourselves to fighting for the full compensation you deserve. You can depend on the experience and skill of our Grand Rapids birth injury lawyers at Goodman Acker.

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Who is at Fault for Birth Injuries?

When injuries occur during the delivery of an infant, medical negligence is a frequent cause. Birth injuries can happen because a doctor or nurse’s negligence causes harm to the baby or mother, or a negligent medical professional can cause further harm if they do not properly respond to an injury. Some births are difficult due to preexisting conditions or issues not caused by medical negligence; however, it is the delivering doctor’s responsibility to be aware of those issues and address them.

Although the tending medical staff will most often be primarily liable for birth injuries, it’s possible that a third party is also liable. For example, the hospital administrators could be responsible for causing harm by understaffing their facility, overworking their employees, or not providing the proper equipment.

Birth Injury Damages

Birth injuries often result in long-term, and even lifelong, complications. A baby who is injured during birth may sustain conditions that require extended treatment, including surgery, medical devices, medications, in-home care, and rehabilitation.

A birth injury can be fatal to the mother and her child. If your loved one passed away due to birth injury complications, our legal team can help you recover compensation for your pain and suffering.

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