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$1 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement Won Against Michigan Hospital and Nurse

Our Michigan medical malpractice attorneys at the law firm of Goodman Acker recently settled a $1 million settlement against a hospital in Michigan for negligence related to the hospitalization of a 30 year old man. Goodman Acker was there to defend our client and his family against the hospital for their negligence in Oakland County Circuit Court.

Our client went to the emergency room with complaints of week-long abdominal pain, sleep apnea, and other symptoms. After an examination by a doctor, the hospital admitted him for treatment. However, that was only the beginning of the story.

During his hospitalization, the medical treaters were negligent in their care, causing our client to suffer respiratory arrest and a subsequent cardiac arrest. The negligent care left him severely brain damaged, requiring around the clock care.

Our Michigan medical malpractice attorney, Tim Sulolli, proved that the hospital and treating nurse had committed medical malpractice including failure to properly monitor the patient and failure to provide a competent and qualified nurse.

Goodman Acker was able to help our patient and his family win a settlement award of $1 million. The settlement is compensation for our client’s pain and suffering, as well as present and future costs of medical care and loss of income.

When a hospital engages in improper or negligent medical care of a patient and the patient suffers harm as a result of that treatment, hospital negligence has occurred. Hospital malpractice includes negligent treatment performed by doctors, but also all other hospital employees – including nurses, pharmacists, technicians.

Often, patients who have suffered a bad result due to professional medical care believe they have suffered from medical negligence. However, medical malpractice has occurred only when medical care does not meet professional standards, resulting in harm to the patient.

If you or your loved one believes you were a victim of hospital negligence, call our office immediately to speak to one of our expert and experienced medical malpractice attorneys. It is important you speak to an attorney before you speak to anyone from the hospital’s legal department. Often, hospital risk management employees will contact you, and use any statements you make to minimize your claim.

For over 30 years, we have tried hundreds of cases against the big Michigan hospitals for patients who have suffered harm as a result of medical negligence. We have helped them get the results they want and deserve. We can do the same for you. Call Goodman Acker today at 248-793-2010. There is no cost or obligation to call, get your questions answered or to set up an appointment. Should you have a claim, there are no costs or fees until we win, period.

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