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$1,925,000 Wrongful Death Car Accident Lodge Freeway Settlement


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Goodman Acker partner and car accident attorney Barry Goodman recently settled a lawsuit for the wrongful death of a pedestrian in a Michigan motor vehicle accident. The accident took place in October of 2013 on the Lodge Freeway, at or near the intersection of Greenfield Road.

Our client was riding passenger in his friend’s vehicle along the Lodge Freeway. The vehicle they were riding in was a truck and they were transporting furniture back to our client’s house in the bed of the truck. As they were driving southbound along the Lodge Freeway, where the speed limit is 55 mph, at or near the intersection of Greenfield Road, a piece of the furniture fell out onto the freeway.

Our client was concerned that the fallen piece of furniture would be a hazard to other drivers on the road, and therefore convinced the driver to go back and retrieve the furniture. The furniture had fallen to the left of the freeway next to the median wall.

To retrieve the furniture, the driver exited the freeway, did a Michigan turn-around and got back on the freeway where the incident took place. The driver then parked his vehicle directly in front of the furniture and put the hazard lights on to alert other drivers they were pulled over. Both our client and the driver exited the vehicle and put the piece of furniture back into the bed of the truck. However, when our client was walking back to enter the passenger side of the truck, he was violently struck by a vehicle speeding along the freeway in the left lane. The vehicle dragged our client quite some feet and as a result he lost some limbs. Our client was pronounced dead and killed in the accident as a result of his injuries. The driver of the car that struck our client was found negligent and also driving under the influence of drugs.

Goodman Acker represented the family of the deceased victim, a 30 year old father of two minor children who, at the time of the accident, was in excellent health and employed as a handyman. We filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court and were able to win a $1,925,000.00 lawsuit for the loss of their loved one. Some of the damages collected included lost income (income our client would have been able to make throughout his life), as well as payment for loss of support in the home and loss of companionship with the family.

No amount of money will ever make up for the loss of a father, husband, or son. Our car accident attorneys actively handle cases such as these and it is very tragic. We know that a settlement will never bring back a loved one or help someone cope with the pain, but we hope that with our help we are able to bring peace to the family knowing we have helped bring justice against the individual who caused the death, and also help with the financial losses families may be dealing with after the loss.

If you have lost a loved one as a result of a pedestrian-car accident, do not hesitate to call our office and speak to one of our expert, trusted attorneys today at (248) 286-8100. You may have means to file a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit and our lawyers are happy to explain what that means and what rights you are entitled to as a surviving family member. There is no obligation to call and no costs to discuss your claim.

Our Michigan car accident lawyers have helped thousands of people bring justice for their loss. We can do the same for you.