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Consumers Guaranteed Right To Hold Corporations Accountable For Hazardous Products

House Passes Consumer Product Safety Commission Bill

Consumers who have been tragically harmed by dangerous products secured their right to hold irresponsible corporations accountable, under legislation expected to pass the House of Representatives this evening.

Prior to legislation, manufacturers of dangerous cribs, flammable mattresses and toxic lead toys used Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) rules as a “get out of jail free” card to claim their products were just “safe enough.” Under the bill, wrongdoers can no longer hide behind federal rules in order to avoid being held accountable in our courts.

“Consumers who are seriously injured by something as seemingly innocent as a toy necklace have had their right to hold these corporations accountable affirmed,” said American Association for Justice President Les Weisbrod. “This bill combines improved safety regulations and the power of our civil justice system to safeguard Americans from dangerous products.”