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G.M. Did Not Fix Deadly Ignition Switch Causing Car Accident Deaths

Our Detroit product liability attorneys at the law firm of Goodman Acker PC recently came across a news story on Huffington Post regarding General Motors Co (GM) decision not to fix deadly ignition switch in most of their vehicles that was eventually associated to several car accident deaths.

According to reports, GM was well aware of the ignition switch problem however failed to recall over 2.6 million cars that had the ignition switch for over a decade.

In information released by the U.S. Congressional investigators, the reason behind the decision of not fixing the ignition switch problem was that it would have cost GM about a dollar per vehicle to fix. These documents were released on Tuesday.

The auto industry has the technology to build safer motor vehicles. Unfortunately what is seen too often is that economic considerations often override safety.

Victims injured due to a defective automobile do have legal rights and may be able to file a claim against the vehicle manufacturer. In situations where the design of the vehicle actually causes the driver or an occupants injury does give rise to a products liability claim.

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