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Am I Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Disability program is designed to help individuals and families who are dealing with the challenges of a serious injury or illness. Unfortunately, applying for Social Security Disability benefits isn’t always as easy and straightforward as one may hope. The application process requires thorough paperwork and you must provide evidence of your medical injury or illness. If you do not follow the application process correctly, you could wind up dealing with a denial of benefits. Although you can file for an appeal of the denial, you would lose valuable time and funds seeking the benefits you both need and deserve.

If you are interested in applying for Social Security Disability benefits, make sure you know the specific requirements the Social Security Administration looks for before granting approval.

The Prerequisites

Anyone in need of financial assistance due to some type of medical condition can apply through the Social Security Administration for either Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI), or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). While SSI depends on financial need, SSDI is available to anyone who qualifies based on his or her work history and medical eligibility.

In order to qualify, you must have paid into FICA, and you must have worked for a certain duration of time. The amount of work time required depends on several factors, including your age, medical condition, and so on.

Work Duration & Credits

The SSA calculates a person’s eligibility according to the years they have worked under Social Security. In order to obtain benefits, most individuals must have 40 work credits, though younger workers could qualify with less. Generally speaking, workers earn about 4 credits each year, either through wages earned or self-employment income. The SSA also requires that at least half of the 40 credits earned be obtained within the last 10 years.

Your Medical Situation

In order to obtain benefits under Social Security Disability, you must not be able to return to the work you did before. This inability to work must be due to a medical condition, and that condition must have lasted at least one year. Alternately, it could be expected to last up to one year, or it may be terminal in nature. Again, this information must be confirmed by a physician.

Before applying for SSDI, make sure you discuss your options with an experienced Social Security lawyer. Our legal team at Goodman Acker can help you create a successful application that increases your chances of obtaining the benefits you need and deserve.

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