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4 Facts of a Trucking Accident: What You Need to Know


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Trucking accidents are some of the worst that can occur—we know that. They often leave individuals dealing with catastrophic injuries, high medical bills, long recovery times, and a plethora of other obstacles that they must work hard to overcome.

However, not everyone is fully aware of all aspects of trucking accidents and what they mean for those who suffer injuries. In fact, there are four facts in particular that you must be aware of that can help you in the aftermath of a trucking accident, especially when filing a lawsuit and understanding what you can do to protect your rights.

Fact 1: Trucks Can Crash Because of Improper Maintenance

There are several situations in which vehicles, motorcycles, and large trucks require proper maintenance. However, for large commercial vehicles, this goes beyond just checking tire pressure, wear on brake pads, and fluids in the engine. Inspection must be done thoroughly to ensure the safety of the driver and all others on the road.

It is up to the owner of the trucking company and truck to ensure that everything is working properly, everything is balanced, and there is nothing defective on the truck. You would be surprised how many truck accidents can be easily prevented by simply performing proper maintenance.

Fact 2: Truck Accidents Occur Far Too Often

In 2010, there were 70,000 injury crashes involving large commercial trucks or buses. At the time, there were 11 million large trucks and buses registered. In 2017, the number of registered large trucks and buses rose almost 2 million while the number of injury crashes increased to 121,000.

In the same time frame, fatal crashes have also increased going from 3,745 in 2010 to 4,889 in 2017.

This goes to show just how serious these crashes can be, especially when large and heavy vehicles are involved. When you factor in negligence such as speeding, fatigued driving, distracted driving, or any other reckless action, there’s no telling how many people are at risk of serious or even fatal injuries.

Fact 3: Truck Part Manufacturers May Hold Some Liability

In most circumstances, the trucking company, truck driver, or other employee is directly responsible for a crash involving these large commercial vehicles. While it is most often the case, it’s not always 100% the fault of these parties and third-party liability may come into play.

While it is up to the trucking company or driver to inspect and perform maintenance on trucks, if the parts supplied on the truck are defective in the first place, the manufacturer of said part can be held accountable for their contribution to the crash.

Fact 4: Victims In Truck Accidents Come Second to Profits

Why do truck accidents happen? And when they do happen, why do insurance companies defend negligence so vehemently?

The answer: money.

Most of the time when a driver works longer than they should or when a trailer is overloaded, it’s in an effort to fulfill a promise on a delivery to make more money. And the insurance company will offer a low settlement or try to get the claim dismissed completely because paying out compensation doesn’t benefit their profits.

At the end of the day, the injured need someone on their side, advocating for their rights. This is exactly what you’ll receive with our Detroit truck accident lawyers at Goodman Acker. We fight on behalf of our clients because they deserve it. They need it. And those responsible for harm should be held fully accountable.

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