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$625,000 Car Accident Settlement For Closed Head Injury

Our auto accident attorneys recently settled a third-party car accident settlement for $625,000.00 on behalf of a client who suffered a closed head injury. The crash took place in Livonia, Michigan. Our client was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle. We filed a lawsuit against the negligent party and were able to collect the maximum compensation for our client’s pain and suffering damages.

A closed head injury is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI). One of the most common causes of closed head injuries is in fact car accidents. Contrary to what many people believe, symptoms do not always appear right away. Therefore, many victims do not always realize they have a brain injury following an accident. Those who survive such injury often face effects lasting a few days to disabilities which may last the rest of their lives.

Victims who suffer a closed head injury as a result of a Michigan auto accident do have legal rights. In addition to filing a third party claim, victims may be entitled to file a first party claim also known as no-fault benefits. Not all states offer this benefit, however Michigan is a no-fault state. This means that your own insurance company pays most of the economic losses you suffer in an auto accident, regardless of who was at fault. Benefits can include medical expenses, lost wages, attendant care and more.

If you or someone you care about has suffered a closed head injury in a Michigan car accident, it is in your best interest to speak to an attorney who has experience with these types of claims. At the law firm of Goodman Acker P.C., our auto accident attorneys have significant experience in handling head injury claims. For over 30 years, our firm has helped clients obtain the maximum dollar recovery while providing top-notch legal counsel. To see how we can help you, call our top rated law firm today at (248) 793-2010. We will discuss your case with you, explain your rights, and determine who is responsible for your pain and suffering damages. There are strict statute of limitations for filing this type of claim so it is important that you do not wait to call. Waiting too long may cause your case to be barred and you may not be able to collect compensation. Call now for your Free, No Obligation Case Review!

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