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Attorney Acker Files Dearborn Slip-and-Fall Suit in Wayne County Court

Attorney Gerald Acker of Goodman Acker, P.C. has filed a suit with the Circuit Court in Wayne County on behalf of a client who was injured in a slip-and-fall accident in his local grocery store in Dearborn. The client, a 69-year-old man, was involved in the incident back on February 6th, 2016, when he fell in the produce aisle due to a pallet with a large box on it impeding the walkway.

Argument on Behalf of the Plaintiff

Attorney Acker has argued that the grocery store, serving as the defendant in this case, has a duty to maintain their premises “in a safe manner and to warn invitees of any dangerous conditions then and there,” he wrote in the initial case filing. As such, because of the box on the pallet in the aisle, Attorney Acker has argued that the defendant failed to adhere to this duty in a multitude of ways.

As a result, the plaintiff was injured quite severely in numerous ways because of the impact, which he described as “forceful.” His injuries included a fractured nose, fractured skull, headaches, severe shock, and possibly “further injuries which have not yet been diagnosed or manifested themselves.” These injuries required hospital care, treatment, surgery, and more, according to the text of the suit.

This has allowed Attorney Acker to pursue compensation for things including his client’s pain and suffering, damages, medical bills, present and future consequences of his injuries, his loss of earning capacity, his attorney fees, and more. In total, these expenses amounted to well in excess of $25,000 for the plaintiff, which attorney Acker argues he is entitled to in compensation since they were incurred wrongfully.

Have you been injured as a result of the negligence of someone else? Whether your injury was caused by a slip-and-fall, unseen or unindicated hazard, or even a car accident, you could be eligible to receive compensation. At Goodman Acker, P.C., our Wayne County personal injury lawyers are prepared to take your case as far as we need to in order to help you receive the compensation you deserve for your losses. Since we opened our doors in 1994, we have secured compensation packages for our clients, some worth over $1 million, which stands as a testament to our ability to get clients the result they deserve.

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