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Attorney Gerald Acker Speaks About No-Fault Litigation in MI at MAJ Seminar

Our attorney, Gerald Acker, recently spoke at the Michigan Association for Justice’s 15th Annual No-Fault Institute. The event was held on October 4th and 5th in Novi, Michigan. Attorney Acker’s presentation was titled, “Best Practices in Personal Insurance Protection (PIP) cases – Pre-Trial Litigation.”

As the founding and managing partner of Goodman Acker, P.C, attorney Acker has been instrumental in the development, growth, and continued success, of our law firm since 1993. During his time as a lawyer, Mr. Acker has successfully resolved countless cases and secured numerous million-dollar outcomes for injured clients of motor vehicle accidents and personal injury accident matters.

Mr. Acker’s history of successes and over 20 years of experience litigating car accident claims has made him a valuable resource for all Michigan auto accident lawyers. He was thrilled to be invited to speak to his peers at the annual MAJ conference.

Topics discussed during attorney Acker’s presentation included:

  • How to tailor your discovery requests so that it helps you down the road and narrows your focus of the defenses.
  • What interrogatories should cover, including all the PIP bases, from “notice” issues, to policy issues, to surveillance, etc.
  • What to ask in the Requests to Produce from the defense in a PIP claim
  • How you should tailor your requests for Admissions
  • Your expectation as an attorney when it comes to bill of particulars

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