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Big Victory for Voting Rights in Michigan – Court Issues Opinion on Straight Party Voting Case

Today, the court announced that they were denying the motion for stay pending appeal in the case regarding straight party voting. A district court determined that the elimination of straight party voting was a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment and placed a burden on minority voters.

This is the latest development in the fight for voters’ rights in Michigan. Goodman Acker P.C.’s own Mark Brewer has been at the forefront of this case, working to make sure the proposed ban is not approved. Attorney Brewer has argued that the elimination of straight party voting would cause confusion for many voters and, just months before the next presidential election, certain voters would have less opportunity.

Straight party voting has been a Michigan standard since 1891 and allows voters to select all candidates of their desired party with one mark. The ban of straight party voting would require voters to take more time at the voting booths, filling in individual bubbles for each candidate and prolonging the process. This means longer lines and the potential for impatient voters to walk away from the booth, not voting at all. This opinion is a big victory for voting rights in Michigan!

Congrats to Attorney Mark Brewer on this great accomplishment for our state.

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