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Can I Sue Someone for Failing to Provide Adequate Security?

Premises liability laws protect people who are injured because of another party’s negligent property management. Under these laws, injury victims can sue a home or business owner for the damages that resulted from their carelessness.

Often, premises liability cases involve incidents such as slip-and-fall accidents that result from a property owner’s failure to repair a safety hazard or post a warning about a slippery surface, for example.

Some cases involve more than maintenance-related dangers: A property owner who does not properly secure their premises can be liable for any injuries that result from that lack of adequate security.

When someone is robbed or assaulted, the person who committed the crime is obviously at fault for their actions. If found guilty, an offender can face criminal charges such as time in prison or fines. It is even possible, in some cases, to sue the robber or assaulter for your injuries in a civil court. The person who owns the home or business where the crime occurred can also be liable for civil damages if it can be proven that their failure to provide sufficient security measures contributed to the incident.

An apartment building is a good example of these types of cases. Landlords and maintenance staff in apartment buildings are responsible for keeping the property livable, which includes adequate security. If a landlord doesn’t provide adequate security — by not installing locks or cameras, for example — and a guest or resident is attacked as a result, the victim may have a premises liability case.

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