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Car Accidents vs. Truck Accidents

After being injured in a truck accident, many people have a misconception that the process of filing a claim and recovering compensation for damages will be similar to a typical car accident claim. However, this is not true. Truck accidents are generally more damaging than car accidents, and the claims process can be much more complicated. Understanding the differences between these two types of collisions can be helpful if you are ever involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Damages and Expenses

The damages that result from car accidents and truck accidents are often the same: Medical bills, lost wages, property damages costs, transportation expenses, and non-economic damages may be available by filing a claim. Although the types of damages that occur in car and truck accidents may be the same, the damages caused by truck accidents are often much more severe. The size of 18-wheelers in comparison to a standard car causes more serious property damage and injuries.

Who is Liable?

In a car accident case, claims are usually handled between the two drivers who were involved in a collision. Michigan is a no-fault state, so you may be able to receive coverage for all of your expenses by filing a claim with your own insurance company.

Of course, car accidents can involve more than two people. Mechanics, vehicle manufacturers, and other parties may be liable for damages. In these cases, additional compensation may be recovered by filing a third-party claim.

When navigating a truck accident claim, you will need to negotiate with the trucking company as well as the driver, along with their insurance providers and legal representation. The involvement of these additional parties can complicate the claims process.

How are Claims Handled?

Generally, car accident claims in Michigan are handled through auto insurance. It is possible that your car insurance company may cover the damages from a truck accident. If your car insurance provider does not cover your truck accident damages, or if you wish to hold the at-fault parties accountable, you may choose to file a lawsuit directly against the driver and the trucking company.

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