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Daylight Saving Time is Dangerous

What if I told you that most of America has chosen a policy that increases the risks of heart attacks, makes driving more dangerous, causes more on the job injuries, and an increase in sleep deprivation without any significant benefit to Americans? You’d probably tell me that this was a terrible idea, wouldn’t you?

And yet we have it. Daylight savings time. This week, after six months bathed in relative sunlight in the hours after work, Michigan, along with 47 other states, ended. America has yet again, for no discernible reason, plunged itself into early darkness for the next six months.

The studies on this are intense and clear. In 2017, a University of Michigan study found that the risk of heart attacks increases significantly during the transition to daylight savings time, likely caused by a lack of sleep and an increase in stress.

The increase in car accidents is well documented as well. In 2001, a study by the National Institutes of Health found that sleep loss and sleepiness associated with daylight savings time caused a substantial increase in the number of auto accidents around daylight savings. Another study estimated that eliminating daylight savings would save 200 lives per year in pedestrian accidents.

Finally, the increase in workplace injuries is another factor. One such study that looked at miner safety found a 5.7 percent increase in workplace injuries associated with daylight savings time.

What can we do? It’s simple. Call the Governor and your legislatures and stop this outdated and silly practice—end daylight savings now!

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