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Detroit Car Accident Lawsuit Filed For Passenger Injuries


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Our Michigan auto accident attorneys recently filed a lawsuit against the owner and driver of a vehicle our client was riding passenger in. The lawsuit arises out of a single-vehicle crash that took place in July of 2014 on M-39 in the City of Detroit.

The driver of the vehicle our client was riding passenger in was driving negligently and as a result, control was lost of the vehicle and it hit the median wall on the highway. The driver of the vehicle was not the owner of the vehicle; however the owner was aware that her car was being driven by the driver at the time.

As a result of the collision, our client suffered serious bodily injuries, including but not limited to, a head injury, back and neck injuries, injuries to both shoulders, and various other physical conditions that lead to permanent serious disfigurement and body impairment.

More often than not, any passenger injured in a motor vehicle collision is considered free of liability, unless they committed an overt act that distracted the driver, or in any other way contributed to the accident. Therefore, as a passenger you may have a claim against all negligent parties, which could include the driver of the car you were riding in when the crash occurred, the owner of the vehicle, and the drivers of other vehicles involved, if any.

Our Goodman Acker auto accident attorneys filed the lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court located in Detroit. Since there were no other vehicles involved, the lawsuit was filed against the driver and owner of the car. The lawsuit filed seeks compensation for our client’s pain and suffering damages against both the driver and the owner of the vehicle. Pain and suffering damages include compensation for our client’s extensive pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental upset, embarrassment and scarring, all of which will continue into the future.

Our arguments against the owner of the driver include, but are not limited to, failure to inspect the vehicle to ensure it was in safe condition with sufficient brakes to enable it to stop, negligently permitting the vehicle to be operated in an unsafe manner, and negligently entrusting the operation of the vehicle to a person who was at the time of the car accident, incompetent and unfit to operate the vehicle.

Our arguments against the driver include, but are not limited to, failure to drive in a safe manner and comply with the statutes of the State of Michigan and the ordinances of the City of Detroit, failure to keep the vehicle under control, and failure to travel at the proper and lawful rate of speed.

Our Goodman Acker lawyers have also filed an uninsured motorist claim against Farmer’s Insurance for compensation of our client’s medical bills.

For more information on filing a claim for passenger injuries or if you or a family member were an occupant in a vehicle and suffer injuries as a result of a collision in Michigan, call our top-rated car accident lawyers today at (248) 286-8100. We offer a free, no obligation consultation where we will answer all of your questions and explain what legal recourse you may have. Best of all, should you need representation for your injuries, Goodman Acker represents its clients on a trusted no win no fee promise, meaning there are no fees or costs whatsoever until we win or settle your claim. Call now to get the help you need and deserve!