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Detroit Ranked No. 13 For Dog Attacks on Postal Workers


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A recent report released by the U.S. Postal Service reveals the top 30 dog attack city rankings. Detroit, Michigan was ranked no. 13 for being most likely to be bitten by a dog than any other city in the country, with 28 total attacks on postal workers. The reports convey information collected from the year 2014. Nationwide, a total of 5,767 postal employees were attacked by dogs in 2014.

View the full report here.

The number of dog attacks on mail carriers is slightly higher than last year when 5,581 bites were recorded. Even though they may only be a fraction of the estimated 4.4 million dog bites that occur annually in the U.S., this is still a very serious and real problem for U.S postal workers whose job involves bringing mail to homes that can host aggressive dogs.

At the Goodman Acker P.C. we highly urge pet owners to take every precaution necessary to ensure your postal worker is safe and dog bites are avoided.

Tips to help prevent dog bite injuries include:

  1. Place your pet in a separate room and close the door when a U.S. postal worker or UPS employee delivers mail or packages to your front door. Dogs have been known to bust through doors to attack an unknown person.

  2. When your dog is present do not take mail directly from the post office worker, as a pet may view the postman as a threat. Parents should especially warn their children not to take mail directly.

  3. Keep a “Warning”sing or “Beware of Dog” sign on your fence or front door so that is it visible to the mailman and makes them aware a dog does live at your home.

  4. Ensure your dog is never running loose. Make sure they are fenced in or on a leash at all times, preferably with someone present.

We also remind postal workers to be aware of specific dogs that present a tendency to be aggressive. Of course, how a dog is raised and their environment is one of the biggest factors of why a dog may exhibit vicious behavior, however these breeds of dogs that tend to more aggressive than others include:

  • Pit bull

  • Rottweilers

  • German Shepherds

  • Huskies

  • Doberman Pinschers

Unfortunately, even with these precautions taken, mailman may be attacked and suffer serious injuries. Some of the most common dog bite injuries include nerve damage, scaring and disfigurement to the facial region or other areas of the body, psychological damages and more.

Dog bite laws do vary from state to state. Therefore, where the dog attack happened will determine your legal rights. Due to Michigan’s “strict liability” statute, postal workers bitten by a dog while delivering mail or on the job do have legal rights and may be able to pursue a lawsuit for their injuries. Even if it was the first attack for the animal, the dog owner is still liable and a lawsuit may be able to be filed against the dog owner’s home insurance.

Typically, an injured employee may be able to collect damages for their pain and suffering, medical expenses incurred as a result of the canine attack, lost wages, and any future costs for cosmetic surgery or medical treatment.

If you are a mailman for the USPS or have a job that requires you to deliver mail to a home residence and you have been bitten by a dog, call our Detroit dog bite lawyers today. For over 30 years, our attorneys have been helping people just like you who have suffered injuries and lost time off of work due to an animal attack in the Metro-Detroit area and throughout the State of Michigan.

We will provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation where we will answer any questions that you may have, explain the legal process to you and determine whether or not you may be able to file a claim and collect damages. Get the help you need today. Do not wait to call.