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Detroit Traffic Accidents May Increase Based Off New Reports

Our Michigan motor vehicle accident attorneys recently came across an interesting report released by *TomTom that measured traffic congestion in more than 200 U.S. cities. The study revealed that the City of Detroit is ranked as the 29th most traffic congested city. In fact, the overall congestion level for Detroit, Michigan is 18%. This was an increase of 5% from last year’s data.

The report was based on 2014 data and took into account local roads and highways.

Other interesting traffic facts the report revealed about Detroit, Michigan include:

  • Detroit ranked 120 out of 146 for most traffic congestion when compared against other large cities throughout the world.
  • Delay per day with a 30 minute commute is 16 minutes.
  • Delay per year with a 30 minute commute is 63 hours.
  • Thursday was the worst weekday for traffic both morning and evening hours.
  • Best day to commute during a weekday in the morning hours was Friday.
  • Best day to commute during a weekday in the evening hours was Monday.
  • Most congested day in 2014 was January 2nd.

Unfortunately with increased traffic not only comes more time being on the road, but also more car accidents. And with traffic slowly increasing every year in the city, it’s important that drivers are always following the rules of the road and not driving distracted.

Distracted driving or driver inattention is in fact the leading cause of most crashes and near-crashes, especially when there is traffic congestion.

The complete TomTom report, including U.S. city specific data, can be viewed at www.tomtom.com/trafficindex.

To just view Detroit specific data, visit http://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/trafficindex/#/city/DET

*TomTom is a company that designs and develops innovative products that help people travel. They are best known for their GPS navigation systems.

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