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Do Motorcyclists Qualify for No-Fault Insurance Benefits?


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The Michigan no-fault insurance law helps injured motorists cover the cost of damages in most motor vehicle accidents. However, these laws don’t necessarily extend to all different types of vehicles on the road. Motorcycles, for one, are not covered under the Michigan no-fault law, which means motorcyclists may not receive compensation after a crash.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to take immediate action to defend your rights and obtain the compensation you need. Whether your accident is covered under no-fault insurance or not, it doesn’t change your need for compensation if you or someone you love was badly injured in a crash. According to the law, motorcyclists can only utilize no-fault benefits in special circumstances, so it’s important to know what those circumstances are now, before you are no longer able to pursue compensation.

About the No-Fault Insurance Law

According to Michigan state law, motorcycles are not technically motor vehicles, which is why the no-fault benefits do not apply to those involved in motorcycle collisions. In order to utilize the no-fault benefits, a motorcyclist must be able to prove that an automobile was involved in the accident.

If a car, truck, big-rig, or any other type of automobile was in a crash involving a motorcycle, then their no-fault benefits will extend to the motorcyclist. However, if the motorcycle owner does not have insurance, and is a “title owner,” then they will not receive no-fault insurance benefits.

When dealing with parked automobiles, however, the no-fault insurance benefits do not apply. For example, if a motorcyclist hits a parked car, they will not be able to collect no-fault benefits, regardless of fault or any other factors. In this scenario, the motorcyclist’s best chance of obtaining compensation would likely be to explore their benefits through a motorcycle personal injury protection policy (PIP).

Determining Fault

Although no-fault insurance gives the impression that fault is not a factor, when it comes to motorcycles, it is. If a motorcycle and a car were to collide, and neither drivers were strictly at fault, then the automobile driver’s no-fault benefits should extend to the motorcyclist. However, if the motorcyclist was at fault, the no-fault rule will not apply. Instead, the motorcyclist’s insurance company would likely pay for the damage up to the liability policy limits.

Let Our Firm Help You

If you were involved in a damaging motorcycle accident in Michigan, it’s important to explore all of your legal options. Due to their lack of physical protection and their high speeds, motorcycle crashes can be especially costly and destructive, which is why riders must be particularly vigilant about pursuing compensation after an accident. Motorcycle accidents can result in brain injuries, broken bones, severe road rash, burns, spinal cord damage, and more. Many of these injuries require surgery, extensive treatment, and ongoing medical care, all of which can be costly. In order to seek compensation for these damages, it’s important to explore your options in regards to no-fault insurance, or, if all else fails, take action against the guilty party.

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