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Dog Chase Injuries: Can You File A Claim?

Yes – You Can File For Compensation Of Your Injuries!

Each dog attack story is different and the injuries that can result can also vary drastically. For example, one of our most recent cases took place at an apartment complex in Detroit, Michigan. Our client, a 34-week pregnant woman, was walking outside her apartment complex around 7:00 p.m. She saw 2 dogs unleashed so she turned around and began to walk fast. Both dogs started charging at her, and therefore she ran faster to get away. Once she got inside the apartment building, her hip was in severe pain. The pain was so excruciating she could hardly walk.

The next morning she was taken to Harper Hospital via EMS where she was diagnosed with Osteitis Pubis restrictions – unable to walk or climb any stairs. The elevator at the apartment complex she lives in is currently broken and she has to be carried up and down the stairs if she wants to leave. She may also require a C-section to deliver her baby as a result of the injury.

The apartment complex was well aware of the problems with the dogs and their owners since there had been previous incidents where the dogs had chased/charged other tenants. Our Detroit dog bite lawyers filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client in Wayne County Circuit Court and are seeking damages for her pain and suffering, medical bills associated with the incident, and more.

Understanding that you don’t have to actually get mauled by a dog to be eligible to file a claim, may be eye-opening to some. Our client clearly sustained serious injury due to the negligence of dog owners, and therefore she was eligible to file for compensation.

Were Your Injuries a Result of a Dog Chase?

The majority of dog attacks or incidents where an individual is chased by a dog, the owner is typically held liable – often because with these types of incidents the dog is not provoked. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries caused by a dog chase, call Goodman Acker P.C. to discuss your case for free. Our Detroit injury attorney will determine whether or not you have a claim, explain your rights and what damages you may be entitled to, and discuss the process of filing a claim. For over 30 years, we have been helping victims obtain the compensation they deserve after an attack.

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