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Driving Tips That Will Keep You Safe This Winter

Now that cold weather and snow storms are sweeping across the country, you should ask yourself: Am I prepared to drive in chilly, winter conditions?

During the winter, you should only drive when it is necessary. If you find that you need to drive during the winter, do so during the day and stay on the main roads. You should also avoid driving alone and inform others of your schedule. In this blog, we provide you with additional winter driving tips that can help you stay safe the next time you are on the road.

  • Drive Slowly: It is more difficult to control or stop your vehicle on slick or snow-covered roads. You should increase the distance between your vehicle and other drivers to allow you plenty of time and room to stop in case you need to suddenly use your brakes.
  • Brake Carefully: It is important to be aware of the kind of brakes your vehicle has and to know how to properly use them. If your vehicle has antilock brakes, you should apply firm, continuous pressure when braking. If you do not have antilock brakes, you should gently pump the brakes when coming to a stop.
  • Dealing With Skids: If you happen to find yourself in a skid, it is important that you stay calm and ease your foot off the gas. Carefully steer your vehicle in the direction you want to go in. Be sure to keep your feet off both the gas and brake pedals until you can regain control of your vehicle.
  • Navigating Around Snow Plows: Never crowd a snow plow or travel directly beside it. Not only do snow plows stop and exit the road frequently, they also travel slowly, make wide turns, and overlap into other lanes. It is safer to drive on the road behind an active plow because it is clear of snow, ice, and other winter obstacles. When driving behind a snow plow, avoid following too closely or making sudden stops. Snowplows sometimes throw up a cloud of snow that can reduce your visibility and make it difficult to react to various road hazards. Never drive directly into a snow cloud.

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