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Fall Injuries at Michigan Apartment Building


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Under Michigan law, the owner of an apartment complex is legally liable to maintain its premise so that it is a reasonably safe condition for both tenants and other individuals who are lawfully on the premise. When an owner fails to do so, and as a result you or your family member suffers injuries, a personal injury lawsuit against the owner may be able to be filed.

Slip/trip and fall lawsuits can be very complicated in Michigan. This is because Michigan has a Doctrine called Open and Obvious, which means a person of "average intelligence" should have seen the hazardous condition and avoided it; therefore often removing the liability off the owner and onto the person who fell.

Due to this Doctrine, cases where a person falls at a store or in a parking lot can be very difficult to prove and succeed. However, it is not the same with cases involving apartment complex falls. What may not have merit in a parking lot or at a mall, for example, may have merit on the premises of an apartment complex or building.

Our premises liability lawyers in Detroit, MI explain how premises liability laws could help you win your case.For this reason our Michigan slip and fall lawyers at the law firm of Goodman Acker P.C. highly recommend that if you or your loved one suffer fall injuries while on the premise of a Michigan apartment complex that you call our top rated law firm immediately to discuss your rights. Our experienced and trusted attorneys will listen to your case and be able to determine if the Open and Obvious Doctrine will affect the success of your claim, and how we may be able to go around it so that you can collect maximum compensation for your injuries.

Our lawyers are actively accepting claims for clients injured while on the premise of an apartment complex. This includes tenants of the apartment complex and guests of tenants visiting the building. Some of the most common types of cases we handle that involve falls include, but are not limited to, defective or broken steps and stairs, broken handrails, and broken and defective sidewalks and parking lots.

If you or your loved one suffers injuries as a result of a slip/trip and fall accident at a Michigan apartment complex you may be entitled to compensation. Under premises liability laws, an injured victim has a right to compensation for his/her personal injury damages against the property owner or manager. Damages may include things such as medical and chiropractic bills, expenses for medications, crutches, slings, wheelchairs, etc.., lost wages, and pain and suffering damages, including any emotional distress.

Proving a slip and fall claim requires believable evidence and being able to prove specific elements such as injury, causation, purpose as to why you were on the grounds of the apartment complex, and notice, the concept that you must be able to prove that the property owner knew about the dangerous condition, had the ability to fix, and failed to do so. These elements may seem simple but are quite complicated (especially due to the Open and Obvious Doctrine) and often require the assistance and knowledge of an attorney who has significant experience representing injured clients in slip and fall cases.

At Goodman Acker P.C, our lawyers have over 30 years of experience representing victims injured from falls at an apartment complex, with Senior Partner, Barry Goodman considered an "expert" in this field by his peers, winning some of the highest settlements in Michigan for slip and fall lawsuits.

For more information on how our attorneys can help you or to determine if you have claim, call our top rated law firm today at(248) 286-8100. We offer a free, no obligation consultation where we will listen to your claim, answer any questions you may have, discuss your legal rights and determine what legal recourse is the best route of action for you. Best of all, should you need our legal representation, we offer a trusted no win no fee promise, which means there are no legal fees or costs whatsoever until we win or settle your claim. To get help today, call now!