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Fox 17 West Michigan News Reports on medical malpractice lawsuit filed by Goodman Acker against Carson City Hospital

The law firm of Goodman Acker P.C. recently filed a lawsuit in Montcalm County Circuit Court (Case No. 12-H-16684 NH; Judge Hon. David A Hoort) against Carson City Hospital for the alleged wrongful death of a seven year old boy, Dakota Rudy. Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyer, Tim Sulolli, is representing the family against the hospital, alleging that the hospital’s negligence was in fact cause for the child’s death.

Dakota Rudy was taken by EMS to Carson City Hospital after he came to a near-drowning experience in his bathtub. By the time EMS arrived at the Rudy home, the child was breathing and appeared to be okay, however as a precaution the mother, Shannon Rudy, let emergency crews take him to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, Dakota began to panic and his oxygen levels started to deplete. A doctor and some nurses began to administer drugs to stop Dakota’s breathing but allegedly failed to properly open his airway while intubating him. As a result, they had to replace it with a second tube.

“The tube was improper and it just seemed like forever,” Shannon Rudy said. “It was horrible. It was forever.”

The child was then airlifted to Helen Devos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids where a nurse at Devos allegedly claimed the boy was not getting any oxygen. Dakota was pronounced dead the following day.

Our medical malpractice attorneys have filed the wrongful death lawsuit on the alleged basis that Carson City Hospital and its staff were negligent in their failure to properly open Dakota’s airwaves so that he was able to get oxygen and breath leading to his death.

Attorney Tim Sulolli was recently interviewed on his representation of the case by Fox 17 News. Watch the TV News Interview below:

“We retained three medical experts, one of whom is a medical director of the pediatric critical care center [at UCLA] to review the case,” says Sulolli. “They all came to the same conclusion that Dakota’s death was entirely preventable. That Dakota should never have died if Carson City would’ve followed basic protocol in treating a child of that age.”

The medical malpractice lawsuit seeks damages for the family, including their pain and suffering. No trial date has been set by the court. The lawsuit is currently undergoing case evaluations at this time.

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