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Goodman Acker P.C. Settles Detroit Left-Turn Accident Lawsuit

Our Detroit personal injury lawyers have successfully collected no-fault benefits and settled a third party claim to “fairly and adequately compensate” a client for the injuries, physical pain, and suffering she suffered as a result of a left-turn vehicle collision. Additionally, compensation will cover our client’s applicable interests, costs, and attorney fees. Our client, the Plaintiff, is a 26-year-old female who was working for Chrysler at the time of the collision.

The car crash occurred on December 23, 2015, in Detroit, when the Defendant, who was traveling northbound, made a left turn onto West McNichols without regard for traffic. Due to the Defendant’s negligent and careless actions, the Defendant slammed into our client’s vehicle.

As a result of the left-turn collision, our client suffered a fractured right ankle, which required surgery, and other physical ailments which constitute a serious impairment of a body function and a permanent serious disfigurement. Additionally, our client has experienced extensive pain, inconvenience, suffering, scarring, and mental distress, which are predicted to continue.

Defending the Rights of Accident Victims for Over 75 Years

Our legal team at Goodman Acker P.C. is proud to have successfully resolved this case for our client. In doing so, we have provided our client with a more comfortable future as she and her family move through the recovery process. In every case, we are relentless in our fight to protect the rights and futures of accident victims. Because we understand the worries, fears, and expenses a family can face due to a vehicle collision, we work diligently to handle all the complicated legal matters so the victim and their family can focus on the road to recovery. When you entrust your case to our team, we can pursue maximum financial compensation for any medical expenses, emotional distresses, and lost wages you or your family may have suffered as a result.

To discuss your case with our Detroit car accident lawyer, call Goodman Acker P.C. today. We have won million-dollar results for our clients!

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