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How Do I Find a Good Disability Lawyer in Michigan?


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If you have a disability keeping you out of work, you likely checked your eligibility and applied for disability benefits. It is important to remember that state agencies commonly deny applicants' first submission. After a denial, you have the opportunity to begin the appeal process.

There are no requirements to have legal representation in disability cases here in the state of Michigan. Yet, having an experienced lawyer will significantly improve your chances of approval. Finding the right attorney can be a long and stressful process, but there are various steps you can take to help you find the most qualified legal representation for the job.

Getting Started in Your Search

There are lawyer advertisements online, on the television, radio, in newspapers, and magazines. While ads may be helpful, you shouldn't make your decision from that alone. The knowledgeable attorneys at Goodman Acker P.C. can assist you through the appeals process and greatly improve your approval chances. Below are more helpful tips and steps to take when searching for a good disability lawyer in Michigan.

Ask for Recommendations

The best way to begin your disability attorney search is by asking for peer recommendations. Ask around for suggestions from friends, family members, and associates you trust. You can also ask for advice through local social media groups.

However, it's not a good idea to decide on a lawyer based solely on someone else's recommendation. Research the lawyer's and firm's background and ratings. Then meet with them for a consultation before you make your final decision. An attorney who is a good fit for one person may not be the best choice for you.

Read Online Client Reviews

Online reviews for lawyers and law firms will provide you with positive and negative feedback from current and former clients. Many websites offer reviews in this state, including Martindale-Hubbell. You will find peer reviews, client reviews, and attorney and firm overviews. Reading feedback is an excellent place to gather information. Remember that assessments do not give a complete picture of the law office's background or competence to handle your case.

Check Attorney Referral Services

Attorney referral services are another excellent source of information about legal professionals. There are many services available, including Lawyer Legion, that carefully screen each attorney they list. When looking through the various referral services, look for those that list lawyers who meet their qualifications.

Review Attorney Background and Ratings

The state of Michigan reviews and regulates the law practices at each firm to ensure they maintain the utmost integrity. On the State Bar of Michigan website, you can verify attorney information, including education, practice areas, specialties, and years of practice.

Meet With Each Prospective Lawyer

When you have a collection of good attorney prospects, the next step will be to speak with each of them. The only way to determine you will work well with a lawyer is to meet with them in person. The consultation will allow you to make sure you feel comfortable with them and ask questions. Most will offer a free consultation to go over your case and give you the chance to interview them for compatibility.

There are vital questions to ask during this meeting that help you determine they are the best fit to handle your case. You should also go over your case and disability specifics and establish that they have experience handling your type of disability claim. Questions and topics to go over during the consultation include:

  • Inquiring about their experience with disability cases.

  • Asking how long have they been practicing law.

  • Ensuring they have licenses to practice in your state, then ask about special certifications and awards.

  • Inquire about their fees and if you will sign a written representation and payment agreement.

  • Find out what percentage of their cases deal with disability law.

  • Establish that the attorney agrees on communication preferences. Ask about their availability should you need to contact them.

  • Ask how long they have practiced in your jurisdiction and whether they know the administrative law judges who preside over the hearings of disability cases.

  • Request testimonials and references from past clients — many will be happy to provide this information to you.

For a successful disability claims case, it is vital to understand the entire process and benefits you could be eligible to receive. Finding a skilled attorney you can communicate easily with will ensure your case goes smoothly. A qualified lawyer at Goodman Acker P.C. could advocate on your behalf and improve your chances of approval.

Look for a High Level of Professionalism

When you reach out to the law firm, note the level of professionalism. Most law offices are busy, and that is especially true of disability firms. However, if you do not receive a prompt return call or a chance to ask questions, that may be a sign that they are too busy to take on your case.

The Right Attorney will Drastically Improve Chances for Success

Having suitable legal representation in a disability case could mean the difference in winning or losing your claim for benefits. Through research and attorney interviews, you can guarantee that you find the right lawyer for the job. That will mean a representative with experience in winning appeals claims for your specific disability. You can gauge the effectiveness of a potential representative through speaking with them and your contact with the firm upon calling for a consultation.

Contact a Compassionate and Experienced Lawyer at Goodman Acker P.C.

Knowledgeable attorneys at Goodman Acker P.C. make client satisfaction their top priority. They provide skillful guidance in navigating the complex disability claims appeals process. The firms' proficient legal professionals offer over 150 years of combined legal experience. The law office's extensive background, together with its exceptional success rate, will allow you to relax, knowing your disability appeal process is in excellent hands. Goodman Acker P.C. offers a "no recovery, no fee" promise to its clients. If you don't collect compensation, then neither will they!

Boost your chances of winning your disability claim significantly! Call Goodman Acker P.C. to schedule a meeting. Call today to get started right away!