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How Winter Weather Influences Your Car Accident Claim

Michigan drivers are no strangers to poor driving conditions during harsh winters. Heavy rain or snow can decrease visibility, and the presence of black ice decreases traction on the roadways, contributing to hydroplaning and skidding. Thick fog or strong winds are other factors that make driving more hazardous. Countless car accidents occur during the winter months that result from dangerous driving conditions, but how do they affect an accident claim? Can a driver still be held responsible if the weather contributed to their accident?

Determining Liability in a Winter Accident

No matter what the weather is like, it is ultimately the driver’s responsibility to drive safely and maintain control of their vehicle. While poor weather may have been a factor in an accident, drivers often exacerbate dangerous conditions by driving unsafely. Rather than slowing down and being more cautious, they may weave in and out of lanes, drive too fast, or tailgate other vehicles. Drivers who exhibit these behaviors cannot escape liability simply by blaming the accident on the weather. Ultimately, they still bear responsibility for any accident they cause. The insurance company may take the weather conditions into account, but the weather will not excuse negligence.

What to Do After a Winter Accident

If you are involved in a winter car accident, be sure to notify the police to obtain a police report of the accident. Take photos or videos of the damage to your vehicle and to show what the weather conditions were like at the time of the accident. Then, call a Detroit car accident attorney at Goodman Acker P.C. to discuss your legal options. A successful personal injury claim may provide compensation for things like medical care, lost wages, property damage, and more.

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