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Lawsuit Filed For Commerce Township T-Bone Car Accident


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On January 6, 2016, Goodman Acker clients, a husband and wife, were t-boned while headed west on M-5 in Commerce Township, Michigan. According to the police report, a negligent driver passed through a red light at 14 mile road and t-boned our client’s vehicle in the intersection of M-5 and 14 mile road. The incident occurred at approximately 8:15 p.m. The husband and wife retained our legal services immediately after the accident.

The wife was driving at the time of the car accident and her husband was riding as passenger. No EMS was involved at the scene of the crash; however our clients were in serious pain and therefore took each other to Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital the next day. As a result of the Commerce Township accident, the wife suffered injuries to her back, neck and right leg. She was also given a cervical collar in ER. She was released from the hospital and requires follow up treatment.

The husband suffers from low back pain, a seatbelt injury to the pancreas, injury to the stomach, neck and chest. The injuries were so severe that he was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Our Commerce Township car accident lawyers have filed a first-party (PIP) benefit claim and a third-party lawsuit on behalf of the husband and wife. The first-party suit, also referred to as a no-fault claim, has being filed against Geico, our client’s own automobile insurance company. The no-fault insurance claims seek damages for both the husband and wife’s economic damages including reimbursement of all medical bills and payment of future medical bills, lost wages for income not collected due to time off work (both present and future), transportation costs to and from medical appointments, and more.

We have also filed a third-party lawsuit against the negligent driver who caused the T-bone collision. This lawsuit seeks compensation for our client’s suffering and pain injuries, also known as non-economic losses. The non-economic losses we are seeking include payment for the physical and emotional stress that the husband and wife are experiencing as a result of the crash. Some stresses could include anything from the actual physical pain they are going through, temporary and permanent limitations on activity, and mental pain and suffering such as anger, depression, lack of energy and more.

A T-bone collision, also known as a broadside accident, is referred to as a T-bone because the incident usually resembles the shape of a “t.” Just like the incident above, these accidents typically occur in an intersection and often result in serious, even life-threating injuries. Some of the most common causes of a T-bone car accident include:

  • Vehicle running a red light

  • Vehicle running a stop sign

  • Vehicle making an unsafe left turn in front of a driver

  • Vehicle backing out of parking spot or driveway

Whatever the cause of the incident, if you or your loved one has suffered injuries in a Commerce Township car accident, call our top rated Goodman Acker attorneys today to discuss your case and understand your legal options. Our lawyers are actively representing victims and their families who have been hurt in an accident and we can do the same for you.

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