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Medical Malpractice Action Filed against Children’s Hospital of Michigan for Bedsores

Goodman Acker, P.C. has served Children’s Hospital of Michigan with a Notice of Intent to Sue regarding negligent medical treatment to a minor child who was under their care. The alleged malpractice resulted in the child suffering from significant decubitus ulcers, which required long term medical care and treatment.

The Situation

Our client, then age 15, was taken by her parents to Children’s Hospital of Michigan on March 2, 2016, for seizures. She was placed in the pediatric ICU and intubated. Our client was known to have been suffering from Hurler Syndrome, also known as gargoylism, a rare genetic disease of metabolism. Despite this condition she was in public school and doing very well academically. At the time of her admission, the medical staff specifically noted she did not have any skin issues.

Over the ensuing days she developed severe bed sores which eventually ate away at her flesh and body, all the way down to her bone. As a result of the serious nature of the bedsores, her underlying conditions also became more severe and she sustained significant nerve damage from the operations required to clean and close the multiple bedsores. She is unable to feel her legs and must use a wheelchair due to alleged negligent delay of Children’s Hospital to prevent, recognize and timely treat the sores. These injuries are permanent.

Lawsuit Against Children’s Hospital of Michigan

We will be filing a lawsuit against the Children’s Hospital of Michigan for their failure to provide the standard of care, including the failure to:

  • Properly follow up on clear and documented signs of decubitus ulcers on March 5, 2016 and thereafter;
  • Timely and appropriately recognize, diagnose, manage and treat infections, including those arising out of decubitus ulcers;
  • Timely and appropriately prepare and carry out (or ensure that they are carried out) orders for turning, body support, and other prophylactic measures to avoid the development of and/or progression of, decubitus ulcers, from March 2, 2016 and thereafter;
  • Timely and appropriately order and perform appropriate testing to diagnose and treat infection or potential infection, including but not limited to wound and skin cultures, wet mount, CBCs, and any other testing to detect infection;
  • Timely and appropriately treat decubitus ulcers and infection with antibiotics;
  • And more

The lawsuit against Children’s Hospital of Michigan on behalf of the injured child will seek damages related to her significant pain and suffering, emotional trauma and additional medical expenses incurred to treat their mistake.

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