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Michigan Enhances 911 Services Statewide

Recently, Lt. Governor Brian Calley announced that enhanced 911 services are now available to communities across the state of Michigan with funding from the Fiscal Year 2017 budget. This change came as the result of a recommendation provided by the Mental Health and Wellness Commission, who suggested that response time in emergency situations can be minimized if dispatchers have access to helpful background information about individuals.

When speaking about this recent improvement, Lt. Governor Brian Calley added:

In emergency situations, every minute counts and enhancing 911 services across our state is essential to protecting the lives of Michiganders […] Services like Smart 911 help us advance the tools that our dispatchers can use to help save lives on a daily basis. State funding will help communities across our state take advantage of this program and have extra resources to help save lives in emergencies.

According to reports, the budget for the Fiscal Year 2017 includes $2.2 million to expand such services. The Michigan State Police finalized such plans with Rave Mobility, which will allow dispatch centers across Michigan to enroll in the program without any cost to the community.

What is Smart 911?

According to state Sen. Margaret O’Brien, R-Portage, Smart 911 will leave first responders more readily able to protect the public. Through this program, Michigan residents can share information about their loved ones and their homes in case an emergency occurs. This information, along with other data supplied on this data platform, will be accessible to dispatchers when a 911 call is made. This can ensure law enforcement is contacted right away in order to ensure the safety of Michigan residents.

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