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Motorcycles lack the outer protection other vehicles have, which can make them far deadlier in a crash. In fact, roughly 80% of all motorcycle accidents cause either death or an injury, whereas only 20% of car crashes cause such harm. In order to avoid such dangerous accidents, make sure you are doing what you can as a motorcyclist to avoid hazardous situations on the road.

1. Know the Ropes

If you are new to motorcycles, it is important to take the appropriate classes and learning courses to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to ride safely. Even if you are a practiced motorcyclist, a few advanced classes here and there, especially if you are on a new bike, can always be beneficial.

2. Wear Protective Gear

Always wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle. Even on short rides, or in familiar neighborhoods, wearing a helmet is crucial when it comes to preserving your safety. Also, make sure you wear appropriate footwear, as well as a protective jacket and sturdy pants to protect your body from road rash if you should crash.

3. Be Visible

One of the biggest reasons other vehicles crash into motorcyclists is because they are unable to see them. While this is not necessarily the motorcyclist’s fault, it is always in your best interest to do what you can to ensure other drivers see you on your bike. You can do this by wearing bright colors or reflective gear, making sure your lights are on when riding at night, and avoiding vehicles’ blind spots.

4. Maintain Your Motorcycle

Never neglect your bike. Take time before each ride to ensure your motorcycle is in tip-top shape by checking on the brake pads, fluid levels, tires, and lights. Also, remember to take extra care and do a thorough service if your bike has been in storage for a significant amount of time.

5. Know the Road

When the road contains debris, ice, or other hazards, it can easily cause motorcyclists to crash. Make sure you check the weather before a ride and never take a motorcycle out on icy roads. If you spot pebbles, dirt, or debris on the road ahead of you, remain calm and do what you can to safely avoid the hazard. On wet roads, avoid driving too fast, especially on turns. Motorcycles are especially susceptible to hydroplaning, where the loose traction when spinning on a wet surface, sometimes causing the bike to slide out from under the rider. To avoid this, avoid riding on wet roads or do so with extreme caution.

6. Ride Defensively

As a rule, motorcyclists should never assume that other drivers see them or have their best interest in mind. Because motorcyclists are more susceptible to injuries in a crash than those in passenger vehicles, it’s important to ride your bike defensively. Be vigilant about your safety and always be aware of the vehicles, traffic signals, and obstacles around you. Keep a safe distance between yourself and the vehicles around you, and exercise caution when changing lanes, especially in traffic.

While all of these safety tips can certainly help avoid a crash, sometimes accidents do happen. If you or someone you love was injured in a motorcycle crash, you may be eligible to receive compensation for damages.

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