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Paul Walker’s Father’s Lawsuit Against Porsche and How it Relates to Auto Defects

As many people already know, famous actor and car enthusiast, Paul Walker, died in a car accident in Valencia, California. Shortly after the accident, his daughter filed a lawsuit against Porsche stating the accident should not have killed her father at the speeds he was traveling unless the car was defective. The case was dismissed in court.

Now, Walker’s father has filed a lawsuit for negligence and wrongful death, stating his son would be alive had Porsche installed the following parts:

  • Stability control center
  • Breakaway fuel line
  • Side-door reinforcements

Porsche responded, saying the vehicle was “altered and abused” after being sold, meaning they could not have foreseen accidents occurring for the reasons Walker’s father stated. While this lawsuit against Porsche is one of the most recent, Porsche has faced numerous lawsuits due to alleged auto defects.

Other Lawsuits Against Porsche

Recently, various lawsuits have been filed against Porsche due to auto defects. Below is a list of some of the alleged auto defects that resulted in legal action:

  • Plastic coolant pipes in one model that were found to prematurely degrade or break
  • Headlights that were easy to remove (Claims state the Porsche refused to fix the problem since they could profit off consumers repurchasing headlight replacements.)
  • Beige or other light-colored dashboard could reflect light making it difficult for drivers to see properly
  • Software that may allow certain model to pass emissions tests despite the illegal amount of emissions the vehicles may produce

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