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Summer Safety: Injuries Caused by Foul Balls at Baseball Games

Summertime signals the heat of baseball season for dedicated sports fans and casual attendees alike. Many baseball spectators bring along a glove in the hopes of catching a foul ball. The excitement of a baseball being hit into the audience can be a fun part of going to a game, as everyone in the section tries to be the lucky fan who catches it. Sometimes fans are not so lucky — although not very common, enjoying America’s pastime does present the unexpected danger of being hit with a foul ball and sustaining an injury.

One of the most damaging potential risks of being hit with a foul ball is the possibility of sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries can range from mild to severe, but at any level, this type of injury can impact a victim’s mental functionality.

Most baseball fields have nets in front of the stands to prevent such incidents, but there are some facilities that do not provide adequate barriers to injury. A foul ball travels very fast, and one that does manage to make contact with a fan can cause severe injury. Attending a sporting event does present a known risk of injury — most guests are aware that getting hit with a ball is a possibility, so there is some assumption of risk. However, examples of negligence (such as a lack of fencing, or misconduct by a player) could be the basis of a personal injury case. Someone who is injured at a baseball game could receive compensation for their medical bills and other injury-related expenses if it is concluded that proper protections were not constructed, or that a person contributed to their harm.

An experienced attorney can evaluate if the circumstances of your injury qualify as an example of negligence. Contact Goodman Acker P.C. — our lawyers can analyze your case to determine if negligence did contribute to your injury, and provide dedicated representation following an incident.

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