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Understanding Tire Defects & Recalls


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If car parts are in any way faulty or broken, they could become extremely dangerous and may lead to serious or fatal accidents. One of the most common types of vehicle defects has to do with faulty tires. In fact, tire defects cause an estimated 10,000 crashes on United States roads each year. Tires are instrumental in ensuring a car runs smoothly and safely. If the tires are improperly made or poorly designed, they could be defective and might cause serious crashes. There have been many big tire recalls over the years due to product defects, some of which may still impact drivers today.

Common Tire Issues

If tires are designed or assembled incorrectly, they could become extremely dangerous when they hit the road. Some examples of tire defects include:

  • Tread separation

  • Separation of the steel belt and tread

  • Improper tire puncture repair

  • Tire damage caused by incorrect tire mounting

Tires can also be defective if they are designed without proper separate prevention devises. Or, if tires are built with incorrect materials or at the wrong temperatures, it could make for very hazardous products. Sometimes perfectly safe tires can become dangerous when they are installed on the wrong type of vehicle. Such issues could cause a host of issues, all of which can accumulate while the driver is on the road.

Tire Recalls

There have been many tire recalls over the years, though none as widely discussed as the Firestone recall in 2010. Firestone AT and ATX tires were used on many vehicles, mostly Ford sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Firestone recalled the tires after more than 200 people were reported killed as a result of tire-related crashes, and many more were injured in similar accidents.

In 2016, Firestone had to enact another recall of tires installed on commercial trucks. These tires were deemed unsafe and the company exercised a voluntary recall.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, other tire manufacturers that have issued recalls in the past two years include:

  • Zhaoqing Junhong Co.

  • Cooper Tire & Rubber

  • Harbor Freight Tools

  • MAX-TRAC Tire Co.

  • Trek Tire, LLC

  • Michelin North America, Inc.

  • Triangle Tire USA

  • GITI Tire

  • American Kenda Rubber Industrial Company

  • Sumitomo Rubber USA, LLC

Just this month, Cooper Tire & Rubber recalled thousands of tires after they were found to separate because they were built with the incorrect rubber. Other manufacturers issued recalls because of problems associated with poor tread, loss of air pressure, incorrect rubber, design flaws, and other serious failings.

If you were injured in a car crash caused by a defective tire or car part, our firm wants to help. Car or truck accident injuries can be very damaging and may lead to costly repairs, expensive medical bills, painful injuries, loss of wages, and several other setbacks. Our firm wants to help you seek justice and compensation for your injuries.

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