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What Documents Should I Save After a Car Accident?

When you are involved in a car accident claim, there is no such thing as too much evidence. A variety of different things could be used as proof of another driver’s fault, and result in you recovering compensation. There are certain documents you should hold onto that will help build your case.

Medical Records and Photographs

Demonstrating the physical impact of an accident will help you show the damage it caused, ultimately resulting in recovering compensation for those damages. Your doctor will maintain official medical records that provide evidence of your injury progression and the treatment you are involved in, but you should keep your own evidence of your injuries too. Take pictures of your injuries, and be sure they are accurately timestamped. It may also be helpful to write a journal during your recovery period to express how the accident affected your life.

The Police Report

Police officers respond to car accident calls to assist victims, and to compile a report of the events. An official car accident police report will include information about each driver who was involved, the witnesses who were present, the damages that resulted, and any insight into the cause of the collision. A thorough police report can serve as a good third-party account of the incident.

Photographs of the Scene and Unofficial Records

Although the “official” evidence of a car accident is certainly helpful, your own evidence gathering will be helpful as well. As previously stated, photographs of your injuries and a journal can show the accident’s overall impact on you. In addition to documenting your injuries, you should also take your own photographs of the accident scene. If you are keeping a journal, be comprehensive. Anything that demonstrates the effect of a collision only strengthens your case.

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