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Political LawThe Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party for 18 years, Mark Brewer brings a new practice area of law to Goodman Acker P.C. His practice area is split between three major areas, election and campaign finance law, representing labor unions, and political consulting.

Election and Campaign Finance Law

We provide legal counsel ranging from ballot access and campaign finance to election day counselling, recalls and recounts for the following types of political organizations and activities, among others.

  • Local, State and Federal candidates
  • State and Federal Political Action Committees (PAC’s)
  • Ballot Question Committees
  • Political Parties
  • Any organizations active in politics

Where is this law practiced?

This type of law is practiced in many different arenas including the state and federal courts, the local and state boards of canvassers and agencies such as the Michigan Bureau of Elections and Federal Election Commission.

Labor Unions

We provide general counsel to labor unions on all aspects of their work: advice on federal and state labor laws, contract negotiation, grievances, arbitrations, unfair labor practices, litigation in state and federal court, and much more.

Where is this law practiced?

Federal and state courts and agencies and arbitrators.

Political Consulting

Political consulting is done for Democratic and nonpartisan candidates seeking local, state or federal office. The areas of support provided range from general advice, to crafting the campaign plan and assisting in its implementation to managing campaigns.

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