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Fighting to Protect Your Rights After a Devastating Accident

When you are in a serious accident, you need to focus on your recovery and reclaiming your life. You should not have to worry about how the bills will be paid, especially when that accident is due to the negligence of another person. Working with a Farmington Hills personal injury lawyer may be one of the most important things you do to protect your future. Our team – with our 99% success rate – is committed to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. Even if another attorney told you that your case was too challenging or that you did not have a case, let our team at Goodman Acker help you. We have the tenacity and a deliberate approach that often benefits our clients. Without a doubt, our personal injury lawyers in Farmington Hills, MI, can guide you toward the settlement you deserve.

With a 99% success rate, we know how to advocate the rights of our Farmington Hills, MI community members.

At Goodman Acker, our Farmington Hills personal injury lawyers are ready to learn more about you and how they can help. Give us a call at 248-286-8100 and ask for a free consultation today.

Why Put Your Trust in Our Farmington Hills Personal Injury Attorney?

We know how painful and challenging it can be to suffer from an unexpected injury. It affects not just you, but your children, spouse, and families. We know you just want to get well and stop the physical and emotional pain as much as the financial. As a personal injury law firm, Goodman Acker  consistently proves our commitment to legal excellence through unparalleled knowledge of personal injury law and the civil court system in Macomb County and throughout Michigan. Our legacy and reputation depend on our experience and our successes. And that’s why you choose Goodman Acker to represent you or your loved one: because every injured person entitled to compensation deserves strong, consistent representation so that they can recover that compensation.

What Sets Our Farmington Hills Personal Injury Lawyers Apart

What sets our personal injury firm apart from the rest in Farmington Hills, Michigan? It’s our standard of excellence, which includes:

  • More than 150 years of combined experience
  • A 99% success rate for settled cases
  • Case results resulting in millions of dollars for our clients and their families
  • Client-focused representation that produces strong client testimonials
  • Featured regularly in the news with media outlets like Fox 2 News and Local 4 Detroit
  • Commitment to and aggressive-yet-ethical, high-performing firm culture
  • Availability 24/7 for client emergencies
  • Free initial consultations

Our standard of excellence and the quality representation it fosters get noticed by our clients and our peers. We are consistently recognized as top personal injury lawyers by:

  • Super Lawyers
  • AV Martindale-Hubbell
  • The National Trial Lawyers Top 100

This recognition does not come easy, but we continue to receive it because we work diligently to build compelling cases. We fight for our clients when others might retreat. We help clients through a wide range of complicated cases, providing exceptional service and results. Our Farmington Hills, MI, personal injury lawyers are just a phone call away from helping you, too. Give us a call at 248-286-8100 now to set up a free consultation to discuss your case.

We Provide Guidance for All Types of Personal Injury

What happened to you? Did someone else cause your injuries or illness? Our team wants to help you find out. Our personal injury attorneys in Farmington Hills can help you with most types of cases, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Wrongful death cases
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Birth injuries
  • Premises liability cases
  • Truck accidents.

We handle many other types of cases as well. If you have been hurt for any reason, do not delay in reaching out to us. During your consultation, we will gather information about your case and offer insight into the legal steps available to you. We will then work closely with you to gather all evidence in your case. That may mean hiring a medical expert, gathering medical records from doctors, and working to determine fault through on-site evidence. Personal injury is complicated. Our team makes it as easy as possible for you to get the compensation owed to you.

Why Hire Our Farmington Hills Personal Injury Lawyer?

Often, clients believe they have a simple case. They have a stack of medical bills that need to be paid. The insurance company seems willing. Yet, what you may not realize is that insurance companies are never working for you – they’re working to reduce the amount of money they pay out. That’s why you need personal injury lawyers in Farmington Hills, MI, to support you through this process. We offer the comprehensive services you need to prove your case, including:

  • Handling insurers. We’ll do the work of minimizing risk by talking to insurance companies. That way, they cannot trick you into admitting fault.
  • Determining losses. These are the losses you suffered as a result of the negligence of another, such as medical bills, time lost at work, long-term medical rehabilitation, and much more.
  • Gathering evidence. We will work hard to find any evidence available to prove your right to recovery. That includes working with expert witnesses, accident recreation, and gathering police reports.
  • Identifying fault. Though Michigan is a no-fault state, especially in terms of car accidents, our goal is to find out who is responsible and, when possible, to pursue claims against those people.
  • Representing you. We represent you throughout this process. That includes taking your case to court if a fair settlement is not otherwise reached.

When you team up with a Farmington Hills Personal Injury Attorney, you know you are going to get outstanding representation. We have worked hard to hit that 99% success rate. We will do what it takes to help you, too.

Personal Injury FAQs

Many of our clients have questions about their rights, compensation available, and the steps to take. Our Farmington Hills, MI, personal injury lawyers will always provide you with personalized answers to all of your questions during your consultation. Here are some common questions our clients often have.

Most of the time, our Farmington Hills personal injury lawyer will work closely with the insurance company to come to a settlement that fits your needs. If that does not happen, then the need to go to court is considered.

Determining the value of your personal injury case requires understanding what losses you’ve sustained. To do that, your Farmington Hills personal injury attorney will gather evidence in your case of your losses, including medical bills, time lost at work, and other claims. Our goal is to ensure that you receive fair compensation based on what you’ve lost.

It will be necessary to prove that the person or organization was negligent by showing these elements:

  • Duty of Care – The defendant owed you a duty of care to not cause harm.
  • Breached Duty – The defendant breached this duty by acting negligently.
  • Cause – As a result of this negligence, you were injured.
  • Damages – You suffered damages (meaning monetary expenses) as a result of your injury.

Michigan law requires individuals filing a personal injury claim to do so no later than 3 years from the date of the incident. If you are unsure whether your case is beyond that timeframe, reach out to our team so we can verify your legal options.

Michigan is a state that reduces the compensation owed to you based on the percentage of fault you bear. For example, if the court finds that you are 30% at fault, you will not receive compensation for that percentage. This is one of the most important reasons to hire personal injury lawyers in Farmington Hills, MI, who can help show that you are not at fault.

It’s possible to settle your claim out of court and to do so quickly. Even in this situation, it is essential to work with a legal team to represent you. Because there is so much risk involved in talking to insurance companies yourself, we do not recommend doing so. Let us help you speed up the process, if possible.

Let us answer all of your questions about personal injury. Call our office at 248-286-8100 and ask for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help.

Put Your Trust In Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Farmington Hills, MI

For years, Goodman Acker has been helping the people of Farmington Hills seek justice, compensation, and a sense of closure after serious accidents occur. If you want to know more about our law firm and how we can help you with your injury case, feel free to browse our client testimonials or check out some of our best case results.

We know what’s happened to you is difficult. You do not have to go through this process on your own. Our team is aggressive at protecting your rights but compassionate in learning about your case and finding the right type and level of support for you. Let us protect your right to compensation. Put your trust in our 150 years of experience in the area.

You can call 248-286-8100 to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation case consultation with our team to begin. We look forward to learning more about you and your case and being committed to helping you. Goodman Acker. Good decision.


Barry J. Goodman has devoted his professional life to keeping courthouse doors open for victims seeking justice. Always a tireless advocate for his own clients, Goodman sees his responsibility as a Detroit personal injury attorney in a broader sense as well.


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