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The attorneys at Goodman Acker genuinely invest in our clients. Our Michigan personal injury attorneys understand the impact injuries and accidents have on you and your family. We know you are working through physical injury, financial hardship, stress and uncertainty. You need an outcome you can trust will help get your life back on track. That’s why our experience is so important to your case.

Our Michigan lawyers have won millions for clients, offering legal solutions for over 30 years. We help with car accidents, work injuries, slip & fall, dog bites, medical malpractice and so much more. No matter how you have been injured, count on our team’s 99% Success Rate* to help you.


Goodman Acker. Good Decision.

There are a lot of lawyers out there to choose from. Goodman Acker is a better choice every time. Many law firms advertise their personal touch and care for their clients but when they take your case, you find yourself shuffled from one lawyer to another. Goodman Acker’s philosophy is different. You will work with one legal team from start to finish: one attorney, one paralegal, and one assistant. You will have direct phone numbers to reach your team. They will get to know you and your family, and you won’t feel like a number.

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Frank is a client who came to us after a confusing and frustrating experience with another Michigan personal injury attorney. Fortunately it was early enough in the process, and he was able to make the decision to switch to Goodman Acker. Frank now refers friends and family to our team because of the great care, legal expertise, and settlement he received. He suffered greatly from his injuries, but finally recovered and is thriving! Listen to Frank’s experience.

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Why Frank Choose Goodman Acker

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Being involved in a personal injury case is probably completely new to you. No one expects to be seriously injured and need an attorney to navigate the legal process. Everyone on our team is committed to keeping you fully informed – not only about the process of your case, but about how Michigan law works. Every case is different in some way. That’s why you deserve the personalized attention of our team. Find out how our Michigan personal injury lawyers can help you. Call us today at 248-286-8100.


In addition to the stress caused by the aftermath of an accident, it can be difficult to know how to best protect the rights of you and your family in a legal case. This includes choosing the right personal injury attorney to represent you. We know this is a challenging, confusing time. Your Goodman Acker attorney and legal team will answer all of your questions and keep you fully informed as your personal injury case proceeds.

We handle a wide range of personal injury claims and have been doing so for over 30 years. Our attorneys are experienced, known in the state for our ethical-yet-aggressive approach to every case, and diverse enough to understand who you are and what you need.


Accidents can happen to anyone and holding someone responsible for those accidents and what’s happened to you is what’s important to us. To prepare the strongest case possible, your personal injury attorney and our team will take several steps that will remove the stress from you having to handle them alone. All of the following will be addressed as we work through your case with you:

  • Gather information about the accident or incident that led to your injury, including witness statements, accident reports, and information related to police investigations.
  • Review your medical records to gather detailed documentation of your injuries and medical treatment.
  • Submit claims for medical bills.
  • Handle all communications with the insurance company representative.
  • Calculate costs associated with your medical care — past, present and future.
  • Calculate your lost wages and benefits.
  • Calculate the value of any damages to your property, like your car.
  • Negotiate a settlement with the insurer.
  • Pursue all possible damages in your case, including non-economic damages, like compensation for pain and suffering.

You’ll get an honest assessment of your case.

Right from the start, you can expect that our Michigan personal injury lawyer will give you an honest assessment of your case. We tell clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. We want you to know what you can expect at the outcome of your personal injury case, but we also want you to understand how your case proceeds and what we will do for you along the way.


“Damages” are losses you suffered as a result of your accident. They can relate to physical injuries sustained that require medical care and may have long-lasting impacts on your quality of life. If you’ve had losses related to property, like a wrecked car, those costs are also considered damages. When you receive compensation in your case, they are generally categorized as two types of damages: economic and non-economic.


These relate to financial losses you’ve suffered and can typically be quantified by looking at costs you incurred and will face in the future. Among the economic damages for which you can receive compensation in a Michigan personal injury case are:

  • Medical bills for the treatment of your injuries
  • Future medical bills for on-going, long-term costs associated with your care
  • Lost wages from your inability to work. You can also receive damages for lost benefits
  • Costs of transportation related to your medical care or daily life
  • Cost of supportive care like house cleaning or yard work


There are some losses that are difficult to calculate but you know they have an adverse impact on your quality of life. There are ways a serious accident and severe injuries can hinder or prevent your involvement with the activities that used to fill your life. That could be a hobby like working on that old Chevy in your garage, making your special cookie recipe passed down for generations, taking walks around the block, riding your bike in the evenings after work, or playing with your children in the yard. Some losses relate to your psychological health. You may have scarring that keeps you from socializing like you used to. You may suffer from PTSD after a horrific accident.

Among possible non-economic damages, our personal injury attorneys can pursue in your Michigan personal injury case are:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental trauma
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Decreased enjoyment of and quality of life.

Though it is rare, punitive damages, also known as “exemplary damages” in Michigan, may be recovered if the liable party acted with malice or willful disregard for your rights. Michigan is a “comparative fault” state. This means that any damages you receive in your case can be reduced in relation to the fault you bear (M.C.L. §600.2959). For example, if it is determined you are 30% at fault in a car accident case, your compensation will not exceed 70% of the total damages. If your responsibility exceeds 50%, you will not qualify for non-economic damages, but you can still pursue economic damages from the other party proportionate to their responsibility.


For a personal injury lawsuit in Michigan to be successful, there are several elements to a case that will prove the party who harmed you (the “defendant”) was negligent.

  1. A duty of care was owed to you (there was an obligation to not cause you harm).
  2. That duty was breached (the defendant failed to meet the duty of care).
  3. If that breach of duty had not happened, you would not have been injured.
  4. The failure to uphold a duty of care to you is what caused you to suffer bodily injury.
  5. The injury you suffered can be monetarily quantified (meaning you had to spend money on a medical evaluation or treatment).

Our skilled personal injury lawyers have extensive experience successfully proving that negligence did, in fact, lead to a client’s injury. We will take your case if we are confident we will also be successful in proving negligence. That’s why you don’t pay any up-front costs when you work with our team at Goodman Acker. When we take on your case, we will be so confident we can win that we won’t take payment until we achieve that goal.

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At Goodman Acker, our Michigan personal injury lawyers have delivered personalized service to our clients since 1994. We are tireless advocates for our clients and have been so since the start of our firm. That dedication means we get results for our clients. But there’s more to what we do than obtaining compensation. We also know that we bring clients relief. Because they can rest easy knowing we will handle all the legal work, they can concentrate on getting better. Contact Goodman Acker about your case and let’s get started.

We are tireless advocates for our clients.

We understand how a serious injury can change your life and that of your family members in an instant. We are dedicated to helping you reclaim your life as soon as possible. The job of our dedicated, compassionate personal injury attorneys is not only to obtain maximum settlement in the cases we handle. It is also to repair lives, one client at a time.

Because each case is unique, we expect you may have additional questions for our personal injury lawyer. We are happy to help. Give our team a call today at 248-286-8100 for a free consultation.

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When you need a Michigan personal injury lawyer, you need to weigh your options. You may want to know why you should choose one law firm instead of another. By now, you’ve probably read enough about our firm that you realize we will be your best advocate in your personal injury case. Why? The answer is simple: We work for you.

We bring the knowledge, resources, and skills we have accumulated over the years to every case we handle. Having a team that is familiar with the specifics of your case, coupled with our expertise and knowledge of the law, gives us the perfect formula for obtaining the best possible results. We have secured million-dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients, and we are not afraid to go to trial to pursue maximum compensation. We have handled thousands of personal injury lawsuits throughout Michigan, and more than 99% of them have settled successfully.

Our core values: We work hard, we’re honest, we’re ethical.

Sure, the bottom line is… we win cases. But, how we treat clients is also why people choose to work with us. We have a reputation that is tied to the core values of our Goodman Acker team.

  • We will dedicate ourselves to you.
  • We will work hard from the moment you first contact us to the moment you receive your compensation.
  • We will always give you an honest assessment of how your case is proceeding and what you can expect.
  • We will always conduct our work ethically and with compassion.

And, when we succeed in your Michigan personal injury case, you probably won’t get rid of us that soon. We’ll want to know how you’re doing and will share in the excitement as you get your life back after your accident.

Learn what it’s like to have a team of dedicated and caring personal injury attorneys helping you. Give us a call at 248-286-8100 to discuss your case today.


The amount you can seek in a personal injury claim depend on the damages you suffered as a result of another’s negligent actions. At your initial free consultation, our attorney will review the overall circumstances of your case and give you a sense of what you might expect. However, the full value of any personal injury claim cannot be realized until after a full investigation into the accident or incident.

Our highly skilled staff members and personal injury lawyers have the resources to conduct a thorough investigation. We will uncover all the facts so that the real worth of your claim is revealed and you receive what you deserve.

In Michigan, the statute of limitations to bring a personal injury case is three years (M.C.L. § 600.5805). However, there are specific exceptions that allow for additional time, like cases where…

  • the victim is considered insane at the time of the accident
  • the victim was under the age of 18 at the time of the accident
  • the liable party/defendant is out of state and cannot be reasonably served with a lawsuit.

Yes. We have a diverse team of attorneys who are dedicated to their clients, which means that each client will always work with a personal injury attorney during the process of their case. You’ll get full benefit of the skills, knowledge and experience of our attorneys to ensure we pursue all avenues possible to get you maximum compensation in your case. We have many other highly experienced members of our team. They are essential to our investigation of your claim, our negotiations with insurers and, if necessary, our preparation for a trial.

Most of the time, yes, personal injury claims end in a settlement. This can work to your advantage for a few reasons. First, the process is faster than going to court. Second, our experience and negotiation skills mean that you can expect maximum compensation in that settlement.

Our personal injury lawyers have handled so many cases that they can anticipate and counter any tactics insurers use to try to reduce the amount they have to pay out. Insurance companies are in business to make a profit. Their representatives will seek to keep your settlement as low as possible. That’s why you need our team at Goodman Acker on your side. We know how to fight for the full compensation you deserve.

Our experience in negotiations for a settlement also works to your advantage, because we’ll know when the offer is too low. When we feel you might get better results by taking your case to court, we’ll tell you why and what you can expect in that process. So, on the occasion that we need to litigate your case, we’ll be ready. We don’t back down from a fight. We also always prepare each case as if it will go to trial.

When you have our Michigan personal injury attorney fighting on your behalf, you can rest assured we will prove your case so well that you can expect maximum compensation in your settlement.

There are multiple factors that affect how long your case may take. The severity of your injuries can impact how quickly your cases settles. If they are fairly minor, which means the damages in your case are lower, it may settle fairly quickly. If your injuries are serious or even catastrophic, our personal injury attorney will need adequate time to investigate your case and compile strong proof that supports why you should receive the maximum settlement. The willingness of the insurance company to quickly pay out a settlement also will be a factor. Even in a serious injury case, our proof of negligence and how we quantify your damages may be so clear that the insurer has little room to negotiate.

If your case ends up going to trial, it will likely take significantly longer to conclude, sometimes years after your accident. Our personal injury lawyer will always make clear to you what legal options are available in your case so you can make a well-informed decision regarding a settlement offer or taking your case to court.

We get paid only if we win your case. We handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not charge out-of-pocket legal fees unless we successfully recover compensation for a client.

We are confident we are your best choice for a Michigan personal injury attorney, hands down. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Personal attention
  • We’ll treat you like family
  • All your questions answered
  • No upfront costs
  • No fees until you win
  • Maximum value of your settlement
  • 150+ years of experience

We also have a history of obtaining great outcomes for our clients that include:

  • Multiple million-dollar results
  • Our 99% success rate


At Goodman Acker, we serve clients throughout the state of Michigan. With offices in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, and Dearborn, our personal injury lawyers can help you with a wide variety of injury claims. Some of the most common legal services we offer include the following types of personal injury claims.

CAR ACCIDENTS: We’ve helped countless clients who suffered severe injury in car accidents. Whether you were hit by a distracted driver, a drunk driver, a reckless driver or a negligent driver, we’ll put together a strong case to get you the compensation you deserve. When so much is at stake, you need our skilled Michigan accident and injury attorney at your side.

BICYCLE ACCIDENTS: Motorists often don’t watch for bicyclists, and that can have catastrophic results. You have legal rights to recover compensation in the event of an accident. Depending on the circumstances, you might be able to pursue a no-fault claim for your economic damages or a third-party liability claim for your non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. Talk with one of our personal injury attorneys to learn about your options.

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS: Michigan law doesn’t consider motorcycles to be motor vehicles, so they are treated differently in an accident and may not be eligible for no-fault coverage benefits. Motorcycle collisions also typically involve catastrophic injuries. Because these cases can be complex and because you’ll need the maximum compensation you can win, let our team of personal injury attorneys in Michigan help you get the compensation you deserve.

TRUCK ACCIDENTS: Truck accidents typically involve severe to catastrophic injuries due to the size difference between these massive trucks and a smaller passenger vehicle. Because they can be so dangerous, large trucks are subject to additional rules and regulations that are designed to keep motorists safe. If the driver or trucking company violates one of these laws, you could have multiple avenues of recovery. However, accident claims involving large trucks are almost always complicated, as there are usually at least two defendants. Given these challenges, you shouldn’t attempt to pursue a claim independently. Let one of our skilled personal injury lawyers help you.

SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENTS OR PREMISES INJURIES: Unfortunately, slips and falls are common personal injury claims we handle for clients. Businesses and property owners have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe for visitors. If they breach that duty, you could pursue a premises liability claim. Proving negligence in a slip-and-fall claim is quite complex. You’ll need our skilled Michigan personal injury attorney representing you.

DOG BITES: Being attacked by a dog is a terrifying experience. If you were injured, you may have the right to bring a claim for damages in a personal injury case against the animal’s owner. Don’t wait to contact our attorney if you have been attacked. You may require future medical treatment and be left with noticeable scars. We can help you get the compensation you are owed to cover those costs.

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: Some medical mistakes are preventable and rise to the level of medical malpractice. These situations, such as surgical errors, birth injuries, medication errors, misdiagnoses, etc., may be viable legal claims. Our personal injury attorney can help you determine your rights and the best course of action if you suspect you’re the victim of medical malpractice.

WRONGFUL DEATH: If you lose a family member because of injuries she or hesuffered due to someone else’s negligence or intentional actions, then you might have a claim for wrongful death. Available compensation in this type of personal injury claim is to compensate surviving family members for their losses, such as loss of benefits, loss of financial support, loss of companionship, etc. Our personal injury lawyer can help you determine your rights and what type of compensation your family could be eligible to receive.

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY: When you are the victim of an accident or suffer an illness that keeps you from working again, you may need temporary or permanent disability benefits. Pursuing Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI) can be complicated, as many claims are initially denied. Working with an experienced SSD benefits lawyer can help improve your chances of getting approved the first time around.

NURSING HOME ABUSE: Nursing home abuse and neglect are growing problems around the country. It’s crucial to learn the warning signs and red flags of abuse so that if your loved one suffers injury, you can take action. Your first step should be to call our personal injury lawyer who can help you protect your family member’s rights and safety.


Only a committed, experienced Michigan personal injury attorney will advocate for your rights and represent your best interests. At Goodman Acker, our priority is you. When you become our client, you join our family. That’s why we fiercely fight for the maximum amount possible in your case. Our commitment to you will be unwavering. Let’s get started. Call 248-286-8100 for your free consultation so we can learn about your case and explain your options.

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Michigan Community Lawyer Involvement
Flint, Michigan Water
Michigan Community Lawyer Involvement
Michigan Community Lawyer Involvement
Detroit Thanksgiving

goodman acker. good for community.

A Good
Place to Live.

At Goodman Acker, it is part of our moral fabric to actively give back to others. That’s why we’re involved in so many different events in our area. Most of us have grown up here. So, we have deep roots. We have meaningful connections. We believe that supporting our community makes us all better off. The work we do every day shows we are deeply committed to our clients. And what we do outside the office shows how much we value the people in the community.

The water crisis for our Flint community quickly became an emergency. That’s when our team sprang into action. When we learned of the possible lead poisoning that people would suffer if they had to drink the municipal water, we had to help. Our team provided bottled water and organized a collection drive to obtain even more. Our personal injury lawyers know first-hand how people’s health can be harmed by toxic exposure. To help prevent further harm for our Flint community, we helped get safe drinking water.

We love our local restaurants in the Detroit area. When the pandemic hit and dining out dropped off, we wanted to find a way to help. Once it became safe to eat out again, we launched our Good Food Good Decision campaign. Locals voted for their favorite place to eat that needed our support. We pitched in for half the cost of all meals, which meant our neighbors wanting a meal out got good food for a bargain. It also brought a huge increase in revenue for the restaurant.

Groceries for Guns. Our personal injury attorneys know the ways serious injuries can upend the lives of victims and their loved ones. To keep our community safer and reduce the chances of terrible injuries, we were excited to support this initiative. Anyone who wanted to bring in an unwanted gun could exchange it for a $50 gift card from Meijer. No questions asked. The exchange was supported by the Wayne County Sherriff’s Department.

Turkey Dinner Giveaway! Goodman Acker teamed up with Fellowship Chapel church to feed hundreds of families in need this Thanksgiving. Our firm members were thankful for the opportunity to give back and spent the day distributing over 500 Thanksgiving meal kits including turkey, cranberries, corn, pumpkin pie and all the fixings!

Our 99% Success Rate

Rebuilding Lives, One Case at a Time

When you’ve suffered serious injury caused by negligent actions of others, your life can change in an instant. When you call on our team of Michigan personal injury lawyers, you’ll know your case is in the hands of skilled, experienced attorneys. We have an unparalleled 99% success rate, so you can be assured you will be making a good choice to work with Goodman Acker. But it’s not just about winning — it’s about winning the maximum compensation possible. Our track record shows we deliver results.

Maximize Your Settlement

You can depend on our more than 150 years of experience to benefit you. Our detailed knowledge of Michigan personal injury laws means we can leverage those laws to best serve you.

By handling all communications with insurers on your behalf, we won’t let them take advantage of you. We’ll fight aggressively to protect your interests. We’ll investigate every detail surrounding your injury to build a strong case. We know how to prove fault in a personal injury case and will explain how we’ll do so in your case.

We devote our full attention to every personal injury case. Starting with your free and confidential consultation, you will speak to one of our Michigan personal injury lawyers – not a paralegal — who will be with you for the entire duration of your case.

Detroit, Goodman Acker Law FirmWe understand what you’re going through. From the moment we begin working together, you’ll know we truly care about you. That’s why we’re so dedicated. That’s why we’ll put every resource we have into fighting for you. We do this work because we want to help others, and now, we want to help you. Get the compensation you deserve. Get your life back. Get Goodman Acker. We have been providing legal services to the state of Michigan for over 30 years. Our diverse team of lawyers and legal support staff know the ins and outs of even the most complex cases. And more than that, we know what it’s like to suffer from an injury or accident; we know that it can be devastating. We assist you with your treatment, your medical appointments, your recovery plan, and your bill payments. We know that beyond getting an aggressive settlement, you just want to heal. We understand and we don’t just say we’ll help. We do.

You’ll be welcomed into the Goodman Acker family when you become our client. We’ll be available to you 24/7, just like any family member would when you’re going through such a difficult and challenging time. Rely on our experience to guide and reassure you. Our Michigan personal injury attorney will give you an honest assessment of your case and keep you fully informed at every step in the process.

We believe each of our clients deserves exceptional representation. To achieve this goal, we maintain a “small firm philosophy.”” This approach means our attorneys develop personal relationships with our clients. That’s why you’ll feel like family when you work with our Goodman Acker team.

Our firm’s reputation is well known in Michigan Our skilled attorneys have handled and won so many types of personal injury cases, we’ll know exactly what strategy to use in yours.We understand the tricks used by insurance companies to try to limit your settlement. Instead, we’ll maximize it. And if we don’t get satisfaction through negotiation, our accomplished attorneys can take your case to court. If you’ve heard of Goodman Acker, you know that we are a law firm with an excellent reputation among clients, courts and judges, and even our competitors. We have spent the last 30 years ethically and honestly protecting our clients and working with the legal community. Because of this, we are trusted and respected.

Don’t wait to get help. Contact our firm to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today.

If you need an attorney to resolve a personal injury matter, we can assist you regardless of its complexity. We handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not charge out-of-pocket legal fees unless we successfully recover compensation for you. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling us today at 248-286-8100.

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