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Nearly One Third of
Bicycle Accidents Involve Cars

We all try to avoid accidents of any kind, but in 2014 alone, Michigan saw 1,749 accidents involving bicyclists. It is important for cyclists to know their legal rights in case an accident occurs. While Michigan has a relatively small number of biking accidents each year compared to motor vehicle accidents, most of these accidents involve some form of injury and on average, 26.5 fatalities occur per year. Contact our team online or by phone at 248-286-8100 to schedule a free consultation today with our dedicated and seasoned personal injury attorneys.

Your Rights as an Injured Bicyclist in Michigan

As a Michigan bicyclist, you can recover from an accident involving a motor vehicle in two ways. You may be able to make a no-fault insurance (economic) claim and a pain and suffering (non-economic) claim. A no-fault insurance claim is filed so you may receive economic compensation for your injuries.

Common Injuries From Bicycle Accidents:

  1. Limb Injuries
  2. Broken Bones and Fractures
  3. Road Rash
  4. Head Injury or Traumatic Brain Injury
  5. Back and Neck Injuries

If you have any of those injuries, you are facing weeks or months of recovery and thousands of dollars in medical bills. The person who caused your injuries may be responsible for those bills. At Goodman Acker P.C., our Detroit bicycle accident attorneys can answer any of your questions including who is liable for your injuries, who is responsible for your medical bills, and what you should do if you are unable to return to work due to your injuries.

Economic compensation includes:

  • Lost wages from time off of work
  • Reimbursement of medical bills and medical mileage
  • Attendant (in-home nursing) care

There is an order of priority in which an injured victim is to file their claim. This order of priority can be confusing and complex, so it is important that you speak to an attorney to discuss your case before speaking to the insurance adjuster.

As an injured bicyclist, you may also be able to make a claim for your pain and suffering damages against the driver who hit you or caused your injury. This type of claim is typically filed against the at-fault party insurance company. You can collect compensation for the physical and mental injuries suffered as a result of your Michigan bicycle-car accident.

How Michigan Bike Accidents Happen

According to a research report conducted by Michigan’s Department of Transportation, Michigan is ranked #19 nationally when it comes to fatalities from bicycle accidents.

A motorist pulls out from stop sign or stoplight.

The motorist may either come to a complete stop or a slow roll or then pull into the path of an oncoming bicyclist.

Many bicycle accidents happen when cars dont see the bike as they pull out from a stop light or sign, Detroit bike accident lawyers are here to help you today!

Motorist hits a cyclist while passing too closely.

A motorist traveling in the same direction as a bicyclist either does not see the cyclist because of driver distraction or attempts a pass when there is not room for two vehicles in the lane. The cyclist may be struck from behind or sideswiped.

Some bicycle accidents happen as drivers try to pass cyclists too closely on the road and side swipe them, if you have been injured the Detroit bike crash lawyers are here to help

Left hook – the motorist makes a left turn in front of the bicyclist.

These serious collisions involve a motorist making a left turn at an intersection or into a driveway in front of a bicyclist who is traveling in the opposite direction. The cyclist may be hit by the side or front of the vehicle in a near head-on angle.

Michigan bike accidents can occur when a car driver turns left, causing a front collision for a bicyclist

A motorist drives out from a driveway or alley.

When motorists drive out from driveways or alleys, they may not look for bicyclists, or they may decide not to yield the right-of-way.

Drivers often pull out of driveways or alleys without seeing bicyclists and can cause serious accidents, if you were injured in a bike accident in Detroit, the Michigan accident lawyers at Goodman Acker want to help.

Right hook.

The motorist turns into a cyclist going in the same direction. This accident occurs when the motorist turns right into an intersection or a driveway, hitting a bicyclist traveling in the same direction by cutting him or her off.

A right hook occurs when a driver turns right while a bike rider goes straight. These accidents can be very serious and are usually the fault of the driver.

A bicyclist is hit in a non-roadway accident.

Accidents in places such as parking lots, school grounds, private roads, public driveways, and other off-road locations are a common occurrence.

Bicyclists can be injured in accidents not involving cars, such as when there is uneven pavement or other road hazards explain Detroit bike accident attorneys of Goodman Acker

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Our Detroit Bicycle Accident Lawyers Can Help You Seek Compensation

It is important that you choose an attorney that has significant experience representing persons injured in bicycle-car accidents. You want a lawyer with a complete and full understanding of Michigan no-fault laws in order to receive the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

With more than 150 years in experience, our firm can help you understand your legal rights and help you proceed with the legal process in order to get the justice and compensation you deserve. You don’t pay legal fees unless you receive a settlement or recovery. Waiting too long to talk to a lawyer can mean the difference between receiving sufficient compensation and not being able to collect on your claim. Have questions? Please call our office without delay.


Barry J. Goodman has devoted his professional life to keeping courthouse doors open for victims seeking justice. Always a tireless advocate for his own clients, Goodman sees his responsibility as a Detroit personal injury attorney in a broader sense as well.


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