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Workers Comp Lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI

Workers Comp Lawyers Grand RapidsNobody goes to work in the morning expecting to be injured on the job, though some occupations are more dangerous than others. In Michigan, as in other states, the workers’ compensation system provides important protections for employees hurt in the workplace while carrying out their official duties. The system, also known as workers’ comp, establishes compensation levels for you if you get hurt or sick at work. The system requires those payments either from your employer or its insurance company, according to the state’s workers’ compensation regulations.

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While that gives peace of mind, experience shows that successfully getting workers’ compensation payments is not easy. It requires a lot of determination to fill out the required paperwork and establish the proper documentation for compensation, as well as a lot of patience if you need to go to court to resolve disputes.

Goodman Acker P.C. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, can help guide you through this complicated system. With decades of experience in the workers’ compensation arena, our team can represent you in pursuing the compensation you deserve.

Basics of Worker’s Compensation

All 50 states and the federal government (for federal workers) administer workers’ compensation programs. The specific details and levels of compensation and medical benefits will vary depending on the state. Workers’ compensation is one component of the system of social insurance in the United States. Under workers’ comp laws, employers agree to purchase insurance against worker injuries for certain protections from civil suits.

In addition to payouts for medical expenses, lost wages, and rehab for injured employees, workers’ comp systems also provide survivor benefits to families of employees who die in the course of their official job duties. Compensation will vary depending on the state.

What to Do If You Are Injured at Work

It is probably self-evident, but you should first think about yourself if you are injured or become ill at work. Honestly assess your condition and get the medical help you need, when you need it. Your employer may have on-site medical help, or you may have to visit your doctor, an urgent care center, or the emergency room. You can address issues regarding a workers’ compensation claim once you are feeling better.

Once everything is stable, then you next have to make sure you report the injury or illness to your employer. You should put them on notice of an incident as soon as reasonably possible once you are aware that something is wrong. If you do not, you can put your workers’ compensation claim in jeopardy. To help solidify your claim, when you feel up to it, it makes sense to document what happened by writing it down. Get contact information if there were witnesses in case you need to further establish the facts of your situation.

Upon receiving notice of the injury or illness, under Michigan law, the employer may send you to a doctor or treatment facility of their choosing, but for the first 28 days of care of the injury only. After those 28 days, you can choose your own provider, as long as you notify your employer.

Notice of the incident triggers certain responsibilities for the employer, which must file form 100, known as “Employer’s Basic Report of Injury” with the Michigan Workers Compensation Agency. The employer is, in most instances, also obligated to notify its insurer of a medical claim and share the name of its insurance company with your treating physician or physicians. The Workers’ Compensation Agency will advise you what to do if your employer refuses to report the injury.

The claim then proceeds through the adjudication phase, and it is here where you may need the services of personal injury attorneys such as those at Goodman Acker P.C.

Importance of a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Obtaining excellent counsel from Goodman Acker attorneys can help your workers’ comp claim make its way through the system more quickly with less friction. Our attorneys can help you gather the medical reports and other evidence you need for a successful claim.

This could involve more than just gathering paperwork. If the claim has been denied, our attorneys can help advise you in the best way to seek second opinions that may be useful in an appeal. Attorneys will also stand by your side if the case calls for depositions to be taken of you, other witnesses, or of expert witnesses who have offered their medical opinions.

Having the attorney involved from the onset of any proceedings can be important in resolving the case before any judgment. Our attorneys understand the system’s ins and outs and can engage in negotiations with insurance company attorneys and the state to find a fair and equitable settlement.

An experienced workers’ comp attorney will have the context of other cases to compare as they pursue settlement discussions. They will emphasize the nature of your injuries, how it is causing impairment, explain various medical expenses, and provide evidence about what you will have to spend going forward. They will also understand how to value lost wages, and present that information to the WCA or the court.

Consult with Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorneys at Goodman Acker

The personal injury lawyers at Goodman Acker in Grand Rapids will help you navigate the workers’ compensation system in Michigan to maximize the benefits due to you for your injury. We will represent your interests and make sure your claim is fully documented and fairly judged, including applying our knowledge of the system to negotiate with attorneys representing your employer and or the state workers’ compensation agency. We handle workers’ comp cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid if you get the money you deserve.

Also with offices in Detroit, Goodman Acker and its attorneys are broadly experienced in all forms of personal injury cases, ranging from car and truck accidents to premises liability, product liability, and slip and fall accidents. Our attorneys collectively have over seven decades of experience in this area. Call us today, or contact us online, for an initial consultation. We’ll evaluate your case and make recommendations on the base way to proceed.