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Can I File a Third-Party Lawsuit After a Trucking Accident?

By now, it’s understood that there are several parties within the trucking industry who may be held accountable for a collision. What happens, though, when liability falls outside of the trucking company, the truck driver, and employees in a warehouse?

What happens when it is a manufacturer who is considered responsible for a crash?

Unfortunately, just like with car accidents, it is entirely possible for a manufacturer’s error to be the cause of your injury. In the aftermath, you may need to file a third-party lawsuit against the negligent party to pursue the compensation you need.

How Is a Manufacturer Negligent?

Consider all the parts that go on a truck to ensure it is running safely and properly. Brakes, tires, steering systems, hitches, axles, etc.—all of these play a role in the safe operation of a truck. As such, it’s crucial that the parts are made and installed perfectly to standards.

Any defect which makes the part fail could have disastrous effects on you and others on the road.

For instance, the truck’s brakes are what ensure the massive vehicle stops in time to avoid a collision. If the brakes fail to create enough friction to stop the tires because they are not properly aligned, the truck can barrel into other vehicles on the road at a high rate of speed.

Similarly, if the steering system is defective and the truck driver cannot properly complete a sharp turn, it could cause the truck to crash into the barrier and put others at risk of a collision.

Manufacturers must ensure that the products they provide to the trucking industry are free of manufacturing errors and design errors. They must also ensure that any part that has a danger properly warns consumers or those in the trucking industry.

A failure to warn can be seen as negligence.

Filing a third-party lawsuit against a manufacturer requires a unique understanding of how the accident may have been caused and ways to prove the defect exists. The large insurance companies backing the manufacturers also add to the complexities of these types of lawsuits.

However, at Goodman Acker, we have handled these cases before and we know what evidence is needed to show negligence on the part of a manufacturer. We don’t take these cases lightly and we work hard to right the wrongs you have experienced.

With our Detroit truck accident lawyers on your side, you can feel peace of mind knowing that skilled advocates are working to protect your best interests. We care about your needs and we do whatever it takes to help you reach a favorable outcome.

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