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Coffee Shops in Detroit, MI

You’re taking a new route to work one morning and stumble upon an old brick building with a couple of chairs outside. It’s spring, and the sun is warm, but the air is cool, and you have some extra time before you need to get to the office. You open the door and breathe in the familiar scent of coffee filling the air. You’ve just stepped into one of the best coffee shops in Detroit, Michigan.

Deciding on the top coffee shops in any city is difficult, but when it comes to Detroit’s best java stops, we could argue for days. Some people love working the day away in a large cafe space, while others look for a stellar menu of pastries and baked goods. Many are there strictly for the best cup of coffee money can buy. The city is filled with top-notch coffeehouses — here are just a few to get you started.

The Narrow Way Cafe

Latte with Elaborate Coffee Foam Art on Saucer with Spoon
Image via Flickr by vivevans.

The Narrow Way Cafe is a stress-free coffee stop with a large, open-concept space in the Livernois neighborhood. Not only does the shop have a spacious area to study, work, or enjoy a variety of hot and cold beverages, but it also offers a #StressFree coffee club that delivers straight to your door. If you’re looking for a regular influx of delicious and unique coffee options, the Narrow Way monthly program includes a complimentary travel mug that also qualifies for unlimited in-store refills.

After a rejuvenating beverage at the Narrow Way Cafe, grab a bite to eat at one of our favorite spots to get hot dogs in Detroit.

Ashe Supply Co.

Ashe Supply Co. is located right downtown and boasts a stunning industrial-era interior design with walls adorned with bicycles, chalkboard murals, and plenty of art. Locals consider Ashe Supply Co. to be one of the best coffee shops in Detroit as well as a lifestyle brand, combining coffee, art, music, and clothing. The shop roasts its coffee on-site, where you can also find plenty of space to hang out, do work, or people-watch from the large windows at the front of the store.

If you can’t make it to Ashe Supply Co. in person, you can subscribe to its coffee program, buy equipment, or browse apparel for sale through the online shop.

Urban Bean Co.

The Urban Bean Co. is located in a unique all-glass building on the corner of Griswold and Grand River Avenue in downtown Detroit. The shop is known for making a mean cup of coffee, serving Mexican hot chocolate, and offering a delicious brunch that brings guests in from near and far. If brunch, coffee, and a spicy hot chocolate aren’t enough to pique your interest, Urban Bean Co. is also a tremendous supporter of the arts. The shop works closely with the Detroit electronic music community, hosting DJ sets and other live performances in their space and online.

The Great Lakes Coffee Roasters

Great Lakes Coffee boasts a variety of amazing shops throughout the Detroit area, many of which have incredible outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. The midtown location is in a 130-year-old building with reclaimed wood and exposed brick. In addition to Great Lakes Coffee’s farmer direct brew, you can grab yourself breakfast, a sandwich, or dessert and take in the sights and sounds of the vibrant community.

If coffee isn’t your thing, it’s not the only beverage on tap. You can sample a variety of craft beers and delicious wines, making this an excellent date night spot or a place to catch up with your friends.

Drifter Coffee

Located in the Ferndale suburb of Detroit, Drifter Coffee is an Instagrammer’s dream with its fun and happy aesthetic. It boasts a community space committed to working with local partners to host art exhibits, workshops, pop-ups, workouts, meditation classes, and more. Drifter Coffee’s moniker, a rainbow, populates the colorful space, and the tiled rainbow floor is a popular spot for Instagrammable photo ops. The community space even holds two “Little Free Libraries” for patrons to exchange and pick up new books they’re looking to read.

Anthology Coffee

Anthology Coffee is that coffee shop in the brick building you might stumble upon during your morning commute to work. Located in the Eastern Market area, this is one of Detroit’s top coffeehouses. Its beautiful space is surrounded by walls of murals, perfect for admiring as you take your coffee to go. Anthology also supports a variety of other local and small businesses in its pantry, where you can grab sodas, chocolate bars, bitters, magazines, and more.

Milwaukee Caffe

The Milwaukee Caffe is a tiny neighborhood coffee bar in the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood of Detroit. Here you can grab coffee and cocktails to go through the small takeout window. While new to Detroit’s coffee scene, Milwaukee Caffe has big dreams for its future. Detroit locals already love the shop’s welcoming atmosphere and desire to give back.

Milwaukee Caffe prides itself on developing relationships with its customers and community. That’s why the shop gives back to organizations such as Black Bottom Archives and Together We Rise and hosts community days for its employees. It’s also committed to helping small businesses in the area, partnering with bakeries for the “Wake X Bake” series to share delicious baked goods with devoted customers.

Detroit has so many amazing coffee options, it’s impossible to choose just one. Do you prefer the musical vibes of the Urban Bean Co. or the Instagrammable photo ops of Drifter Coffee? If you’re looking for a place to get work done, Ashe Supply Co. might be your top choice. Or maybe you want to support local organizations at a location like Milwaukee Caffe. Whatever your coffee needs, Detroit has a variety of shops to explore.

Here at Goodman Acker P.C., we’re excited to share the best spots in the Detroit area with you. Did you enjoy our list of favorite coffeehouses? Did we miss one? Let us know, and we’ll add it to our list!

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