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Conducting an Auto Accident Investigation

Here are a few of our tips for starting your accident investigation:

  • Before you leave the scene, speak to everyone and gather names. It may go without saying, but getting the correct names and contact information from everyone involved in the accident is critical to getting proper compensation. In order to present a compelling case, you’ll need to be familiar with the witnesses and parties involved. Later in the case, you may need to talk with witnesses again, so it’s best to be civil and polite during this process.
  • When you’ve been injured, visit a doctor immediately. The injuries sustained after a car accident can be serious and even life-threatening. However, you may avoid seeing a doctor due to worries about the mounting medical bills. Even if it’s difficult, it’s important that you visit a doctor, both for your own health and for the strength of your case. Failing to document all injuries properly and immediately can give insurance companies room to question your motives.
  • Examine the physical evidence. Take photos of all damage to your vehicle, and even the accident scene. This can include skid marks on the road, broken glass, and other damages.
  • Talk to a qualified car expert and get their opinion. Once you’re safely away from the accident scene, be sure to seek out a qualified auto mechanic or car expert who can document the damage and give you an estimate.
  • Review all documentation, including medical and police reports. Spend some time getting familiar with the official police reports, as well as the medical documentation for your injuries. Paying attention to the details can help you piece together what happened, and corroborate your own memory.

If you’ve been seriously hurt in an accident and realized that you were not at fault, it may be time to speak to legal counsel. Our skilled attorneys can help you fill in the blanks of what happened, and form a strong case strategy. We have over 75 years of experience helping injured clients throughout the Detroit area, and because we charge no upfront fees, you can rest assured that we will be committed to securing maximum compensation for your injuries, as well as your pain and suffering.

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