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Do You Need an Attorney After a Car Accident?


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If you have been in a car accident before, you know how overwhelming the entire process can be. Dealing with the aftermath can be extremely difficult, especially if you were severely injured in the crash. While some people may feel inclined to go at it alone, hiring a personal injury attorney for your car accident case is usually the best decision. If you were in a minor fender bender and nobody was injured, you might not need a legal representative, but it never hurts to consult with a professional, just to be sure. If, however, you were injured in the crash or are dealing with issues of fault or lack of insurance, you should most definitely contact a car accident attorney you can trust.

Before you decide to do your own legal work, make sure you consider how a car accident attorney could help you.

Was Anyone Harmed?

Whenever a crash causes an injury, the entire situation becomes more complicated. Whether you suffered the injury or someone in the other vehicle did, make sure you discuss your options with your attorney. If you were harmed, the other party might attempt to avoid the blame, leaving you to pay for your own medical bills. If your injuries were particularly severe, the cost of the accident could be extremely high. Between medical expenses, loss of wages, and property damage, you will need all of the help you can get when it comes to fighting for compensation. A car accident attorney can gather evidence, evaluate the situation, and work with you to defend your interests and advocate for your rights.

Does the Other Driver Have Adequate Insurance?

In Michigan, all drivers must have car insurance. However, several drivers break the law by driving without adequate coverage, which could leave you in a tough spot if the other person involved in your crash lacks proper protection. They might attempt to avoid paying for their share in the accident, and if you are injured, the cost can add up quite quickly. An attorney can help you file the proper claims and will also help you find alternative methods to seek the compensation you deserve.

Is Your Insurance Company Being Difficult?

Dealing with the insurance company is one of the most unpleasant tasks you will need to tackle after your accident. Although they may say they are on your side, insurance companies are very rarely as supportive as they would have you believe. Luckily, when you work with a car accident attorney, you can rest easy knowing that your legal representative has your best interest in mind. Your attorney can contact your insurance company for you, walk you through the claims process, deal with wrongfully denied claims, and handle other related issues. Not only does this added work save you added stress, it frees up time for you to focus on recuperating after your accident.

If you were involved in a car accident, make sure you contact a reliable personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your crash. Contact Goodman Acker P.C. today to get started on your Detroit car accident case.