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Goodman Acker, P.C. Files Lawsuit for the Delayed Diagnosis of a Cancer Patient

Our team at Goodman Acker, P.C. has filed a lawsuit against a physician and clinic located in Detroit, Michigan for their failure to provide their patient with a timely cancer diagnosis.

Our client, a 57-year-old resident of Sterling Heights, was first diagnosed with renal cancer in 2006. She went to her primary care physician, Dr. Barry Braver from Morang-Chester Clinic, for treatment and follow-up care.

The married mother of five was able to beat her cancer. To ensure the cancer did not come back or spread, she would undergo regular CT scans. In 2015, the results of one of her scans taken at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak revealed a suspicious finding, and follow up diagnostics were recommended. The hospital faxed those results over to her primary care physician.

Our client’s physician failed to relay that information to our client, and the required follow-up studies were never ordered. Because of this negligence, our client’s renal cancer not only returned but spread to her liver and other parts of her body.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits for Delayed Diagnosis

Medical practitioners have a duty to provide a standard level of care to their patients. When their actions, or inactions, fall below what a reasonably competent doctor would have done in a similar situation, they can be liable for their negligence.

Many medical malpractice lawsuits stem from the delayed diagnosis of a disease. This type of negligence can cause the patient’s condition to worsen, requiring further medical treatment, as is the case with our client.

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