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How To Avoid a Dog Bite Injury This Summer


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Whether you’re an animal person or not, chances are you’ll cross paths with at least a few dogs this summer. Between picnics at the park, strolls through the neighborhood, or backyard barbeques, canine companions are often out and about in the summer months. So, with summer just around the corner, it’s a good idea to make sure you know what you can do to help prevent a dog attack from happening to you or your family this year.

To help improve your chances of avoiding a dog bite injury this summer, practice these tried-and-true safety tips:

Avoid Unleashed Dogs

Dogs are only allowed to be off-leash in certain areas, like private property or dog parks. If you see a dog off leash, the best thing you can do is avoid it. It may be friendly, but it might not be, and if it becomes aggressive, the owner has little to control over their animal. So, to avoid an unsafe situation, just play it safe and avoid approaching a dog without a leash.

Do Not Sneak Up On a Dog

Even though they make cuddly and cute pets, dogs are still animals and can be unpredictable, especially if startled. The best thing you can do to keep from startling a dog is to make sure they know where you are and what you’re doing. In other words, never sneak up on a dog, or any animal. They may perceive you as a threat, even if they know you, and could nip or bite at you on instinct.

Never Run From a Dog

If you are frightened of a dog, running is one of the worst things you can do. As animals, dogs will instinctually want to chase something that runs from them, so this could excite an already hostile dog, driving it to attack. Instead, try to walk away calmly, call the dog’s owner, or put a barrier between the two of you.

Let New Dogs Get Used To You

When you do meet a new dog, let it get acquainted with you before you pet it or play with it. Dogs usually want to smell you and watch you before they become fully comfortable, even seemingly friendly dogs. So, always offer your hand, palm up, and let the dog get used to you before you make any moves.

Teach Children Caution

Children are victims of dog bites all too often, but you might be able to prevent this from happening to your own child if you teach them to exercise caution around animals. Kids should never be left alone with dogs, even dogs they know, and they should be taught not to pull or tug on the dog’s ears, tail, or fur. Some dogs aren’t very patient with children, and even the gentlest dog may have its limits. So, to avoid any damaging bites or attacks, teach your children to exercise caution around animals and never leave them to play with a dog unsupervised.

Even if you exercise all of these rules, a dog bite injury can still happen. If you were the victim of a dog attack, make sure you know your legal rights.

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