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Lifetime Medical Expenses of Severe Motorcycle Crashes

According to sources, per-crash injury expenses of a motorcycle crash are about 12.5 times greater than accidents involving other vehicles such as trucks and passenger cars. Additionally, other sources state that about 62% of motorcycle accidents result in lost quality of life for victims involved. As a result, many motorcycle accident victims face lifetimes of medical costs.

What Are the Median Hospital Costs for Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

To determine motorcycle hospital expenses for various types of injuries, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted comprehensive studies. After analyzing the results, the NHTSA determined that the median hospital expenses for the injuries caused in motorcycle crashes include the following:

  • Minor Facial/Head Injuries: $4,200
  • Moderate Facial/Head Injuries: $11,300
  • Serious Facial/Head Injuries: $28,200
  • Severe Facial/Head Injuries: $36,500
  • Critical Facial/Head Injuries: $81,163
  • Mild/Moderate Traumatic Brain Injuries: $10,680
  • Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries: $35,468
  • Isolated, single lower extremity injuries: $23,000
  • Multiple lower extremity injuries: $43,000
  • Lower extremity injury in combination with other injuries: $62,000

While these are the medians for some of the most common injuries, some motorcycle crash victims face even more expensive fines if they suffer spinal cord injuries, which can cost up to $4.5 million.

Because these types of injuries can be extremely costly, it is important that motorcycle accident victims retain experienced legal representation right away. A skilled lawyer can help a motorcyclist pursue financial compensation to pay for any medical expenses, physical pain, emotional damages, and lost wages they may have suffered as a result of the crash.

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