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Locker Falls on Student Lawsuit Against Dearborn Public Schools

Our personal injury lawyers at the law firm of Goodman Acker, P.C. recently filed a lawsuit in the Wayne County Circuit Court on behalf of a nine-year-old girl who was seriously injured after a bank of fourteen lockers fell on top of her. The young girl was attempting to pull her coat of out her locker when the lockers came crashing down on her.

The incident happened at a middle school within the Dearborn Public School District. As a result of the lockers falling down on her she suffered pelvic fractures and her teeth were knocked out.

We filed the lawsuit against Dearborn Public Schools for the failure to provide a safe environment.

Schools have an obligation to protect students. This includes providing a safe environment. Therefore structural problems with the school building and its grounds may be considered negligence, and if a student is injured due to the school’s negligence, it could give rise to a lawsuit.

Filing a claim against a public school system can get quite complicated. This is because you are filing a lawsuit against a public school system and you must be able to prove that the school was directly responsible for causing the accident. It is important that you consult with an attorney who has experience in these types of cases.

If your child was injured at school and you believe the school was at fault for your child’s injuries, call our top rated law firm today at (248) 793-2010. We will discuss your case with you and determine whether or not the school is liable for your child’s injuries. Waiting too long to call could hurt your case as evidence disappears quickly and there are strict time limits in which you must file your claim. Call now!

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