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Michigan Parking Lot Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians


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Car accidents not only take place on our Michigan roads and highways, but also occur in parking lots. In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 20 percent of all auto accidents do take place in commercial parking lots.

Even low speed crashes can cause serious injuries. This is particularly true when the crash involves a pedestrian and a car versus two vehicles.

Depending on how the incident occurred, where it occurred, and what injuries have resulted, pedestrians injured in a parking lot accident may have means to file two types of claims – a no-fault insurance claim and a lawsuit against the at-fault driver for pain and suffering damages. Our Michigan car accident lawyers highly recommend you read our blog, “What are my rights as a pedestrian hit by a car in Michigan?” to learn exactly what these two types of claims entail and what type of compensation may be available to you.

There is debate of whether or not a pedestrian has the right of way in certain areas. If there is a walkway in the parking lot, Michigan law does permit the pedestrian to have the right of way. However, like most parking lots there is no walkway or crosswalks and people are free to roam throughout the parking lot. For this reason, sometimes it can be complicated to determine who was at fault.

Of course, if there are witnesses or video cameras that taped the scene of the incident, that can be proper evident to help prove negligence. In addition, our Michigan car accident lawyers highly recommend that if you or your loved one is injured to contact the local police department to file a police report. Many of times the police will not want to come out since the accident occurred in a parking lot, however if you indicate that you are injured or that injuries have risen as a result of the incident they will come out. Filing a police report is a very important piece of evidence should you or your loved decide to pursue a claim.

In addition, to filing a police report you will also want to collect as much information you can from the driver. Such information includes their full name, address, phone number, his or her driver’s license number, insurance information and vehicle license plate number. If the vehicle was carrying passengers it is always wise to get their name and contact information as well as they are considered witnesses of the accident.

In some scenarios, the driver may not be cooperate or may not have auto insurance. Even if the driver does not have auto insurance, you still may have means to file a claim for your economic damages. Therefore, still try to collect as much information as you can even if it is just their name and phone number. Also, make sure to gather as much information regarding the scene, i.e. location, damage to vehicle, etc…

And still another scenario involving a parking lot accident may involve a hit and run driver. Again, try to collect as much information as you possibly can from the incident, especially names and contact information of witnesses in addition to filing a police report (if injuries have arisen).

Do You Need Help After A Parking Lot Accident?

If you or your loved one has been injured in a parking lot accident in Michigan, call our top rated car accident attorneys to discuss your case. We understand you may have never been involved in such a scenario before. We will be able to answer any questions that you may have and explain your legal rights to you for free and at no obligation. All you have to do is call.

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