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Michigan Traffic Fatalities Increase Compared to Same Timeframe in 2015

According to statistics from the Office of Highway Safety Planning, car accidents have increased by 42 since last year in the state of Michigan. As of June 28, 2016, there have been 440 collision-related deaths, which is 42 more deaths than the number reported in 2015 during the same timeframe.

Although the number of accidents for the first six months of 2016 is higher than the figure recorded during the same timeframe in 2015, the number remains less than half of the Michigan traffic fatalities recorded over the entire 2015 period. Now, the Michigan State Police and the Michigan Department of Transportation continue to push for their safety campaign, Toward Zero Deaths, to improve the safety and driver behavior of road users.

Unfortunately, many of these accidents occur over the Fourth of July weekend. In fact, statistics show that 11 fatal car accidents resulted in 12 fatalities over Independence Day weekend in 2015. However, because Towards Zero Deaths has aimed to lower the number of fatalities from 889 in the year 2011 to 750 this year, the Michigan State Police participated in Operation Combined Accident Reduction Effort in order to lower the amount of injuries and deaths that occur in preventable vehicle collisions.

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