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Tips for Avoiding Slip & Falls This Winter

In Michigan, the magic of winter brings downhill skiing and snowboarding, dog sledding, ice fishing and other fun snow activities, but not everything is gold. During the winter, slip and fall accidents increase due to the ice and snow that create slippery surfaces on the sidewalks, porches, and driveways. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, you need to be prepared for potential accidents. Here are several tips for avoiding slip & falls this winter.

  1. Always keep your hands outside of your pockets: If you slip, it’s important that your hands are free to grab on to something or break your fall if you hit the floor. Wear gloves to reduce the damage to your hands.
  2. Don’t run: Running will almost certainly result in a fall over a slippery surface. Take it slow and choose your steps carefully.
  3. Wear proper shoes when walking on ice or water: Any shoes with a leather sole or a pair of heels are not what you want in a winter environment. Put on boots with rubber soles, which improve traction, and carry your fashionable/work shoes with you in a separate bag.
  4. Test your footing before making a decision: The ground in front of you may seem safe, but ice and slippery surfaces can sometimes be difficult to identify. If you think an area is slippery, check it with a single foot, without putting all your body pressure on it. If it feels unsafe, take a different route.
  5. Keep your load light: You may increase your risk of falling down and getting injured if you walk around trying to also balance a heavy backpack, bag, package or other items.
  6. Take advantage of your environment and man-made structures: It’s always good to grab on to something when you’re taking steps across ice or snow, such as handrails, door handles, or a tree. This can help avoid your feet from sliding out from under you.

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